Crass - Street Fighter 2

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Category: FlashtrosAmiga
Submitted by: musashi9
Date: 2015-07-20 10:11

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2015-07-20 14:08

1. mr.spiv writes

Cool effect on the background! Cannot say the same about the music.. but a nice intro all together.
2015-07-20 16:19

2. WayneK writes

Don't really like the music or the font, but the bg dots are decent enough. Another group I never heard of back in the day, and I thought I knew them all :)
2015-07-20 17:27

3. StingRay writes

Crass (which was an Australian group) also made some nice demos! :) As for this intro, font doesn't look too good, music is OK and the dot effect is nice. :)
2015-07-21 01:32

4. -TCB!- writes

I like the countdown for restart :) - the rest ... meh
2015-07-21 08:03

5. sim writes

Excellent tune! Great dot effect with nice colors. Personally, I like the fonts, althou they could have contain some nice copper shades..
2015-07-28 15:36

6. pmc writes

Dots, typer and tune are all nice here.
2015-08-20 14:24

7. NioByte writes

Thanks for preserving this intro. I'm surprised how quick it was ripped. Considering I had uploaded the disk image only 2 days prior. This is quite a unique intro. Definitely a different look to most.