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Well it has been a while since we last had a cracking tutorial. This time Phantasm took out time to bring us a rather nice tutorial for LEMMINGS. This one has it all, MFM , Copylock , Checksums. ENJOY!!


World of Wonders - Zynaps


HQC & The Champs - Backlash


S.C.A - Karate Kid II


2000AD - Sim City


Agie - Miami Chase

This one has been missing for far too long


Happy Birthday to Flashtro Happy Bi....................

Flashtro is 10 years old today!!! can you believe it? I would like to thank everyone who has visited over the years, thanks for the support and a special thanks to everyone who has helped out with content.

Click the image above and leave a message, let us know how long you have been visiting us


Alpha Flight - new Stuff

This one is for scheisslogin


Subway and The Dream Team - Airball


Subway and The Dream Team - Crazy Cars 2


Wanted Team - B.C Kid

They have only gone and done it again. This time Wanted Team bring you B.C kid 1 disk version!!!!

Find it on their web site here http://wt.exotica.org.uk/ -


Unit A - Break


Digilogic - Dutch Soccer Manager


Dragons - Shadow of the Beast 2


Zenith - Chessmaster 2100


The Fire Starters - Hillsfar


The Fire Starters - Space Ace


Synergy - Terminator II

This one is for Macgyver


The Wizards - Digi Paint


The Wizards - Multi Term