Flashtro - CrackDown

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Category: FlashtrosAmiga
Submitted by: musashi9
Date: 2011-12-20 07:42

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2011-12-20 07:52

1. musashi9 writes

LOVE IT! Nice menu thanks PMC for this and thanks to WayneK for the hard work on this crack/trainer.
2011-12-20 08:08

2. Mr.Spiv writes

Lovely!!! Great job guys.. the music definitely has some Alphaville influence :D
2011-12-20 10:32

3. pmc writes

Thanks guys and you're more than welcome - was quite enjoyable to code a trainer menu. :)

Maybe I can make you guys some more in the future. :)

And who knows, maybe I could even learn to crack something too :D
2011-12-20 10:48

4. WayneK writes

I *knew* I recognised the music - after hearing it approximately 5,000,000 times during the testing phase of this release, I forgot it was Big in Japan by Alphaville as others have pointed out :P
Nice flash conversion, and thanks again to PMC for coding a menu for me when I was too lazy to do it myself! Turned out better than anything I was planning anyway...
2011-12-20 10:57

5. pmc writes

Heh heh :D

I hadn't even realised it was a remake of an 80's tune - don't think I'd ever even heard the original. I just chose it from Estrayk's back catalogue cos I think his chiptunes are cool. :)

And seconded - really nice Flash conversion. :)

Wait a second, I got flashed! o_O
2011-12-20 11:10

6. axis/cascade writes

nice music, nice logo, nice backround effect. love this ... thanks for the game :)
2011-12-20 11:51

7. stu writes

Excellent! good works guys was waiting for it to show up here, might even have to run it on my A600 ! don't forget to greet me, i'm holding my breath ;)
2011-12-20 12:08

8. musashi9 writes

@PMC I noticed the mod file linked to this intro on bitfellas is not the same as this mod?
2011-12-20 12:20

9. janer 1 writes

another very nice rls by flashtro/WK .. and a cool trainermenu with a big in japan tune here...and the game also is/was a very good one..thx again :)
2011-12-20 13:28

10. pmc writes

musashi9: The version of the .mod I used was one that I had laying around on my harddrive. Chances are good that I originally downloaded it from http://amp.dascene.net

Alternatively, maybe there's a difference because I converted it to ThePlayer6.1 format and something got screwed up in the conversion?
2011-12-20 22:10

11. Enzymer writes

Very cool release guys ;)

It's always good when WK goes silent and this pops up ;) Me likes this trainermenu very much :D

Thanks for this and all involved!

:-X :-X :-X
2011-12-20 23:38

12. prime_evil writes

Nothing like a 2011 PROPER of a 1990 game!!

Love the checker board zoom, good stuff boys...
2011-12-21 12:36

13. Loki writes

"The keyboard routines were also persuaded to work on XXX/AGA Machines" ..lol! Great stuff, fix and hillarious scrolltext ...
2011-12-21 19:28

14. plagueis writes

Hell yeah guys!!! Great going!
2011-12-28 14:17

15. flasher writes

Keep holding breath...
2011-12-29 13:21

16. kosmo writes

Great stuff ! Flashtro rulez !
2012-01-21 11:16

17. pmc writes

@ musashi9 - sorry man, I realise what you were referring to in regards to this intro on Bitfellas cos I just went and found it over there.

Pretty much everything they listed is wrong:

I didn't submit it to them, I didn't write the scrolltext, WK did and the name they've referenced for the .mod is also wrong :(

Bitfellas listing FAIL. I'll have to see if there's someone I can contact to get it all corrected.