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Because it was coded by an old mate and scene legend - The Red Baron (BS1).  


I second this one... one of my favourite effects is a circle-scroller (2nd place scroll effect after a snurkelscroll!). :)



Bad Trip.. never heard of them but the intro kicked ass.
..more coffee..


Mostly a group of talented Belgian dudes with some French connections for originals and friends who joined in the US/Netherlands/Germany. Purely guessing, they were lacking direction/leadership so they never did a lot of releases.

Freud (Belgium) co-founded Global Overdose ; JAF (Netherlands) soon joined with his BBS and we started churning out some releases.  Mostly trainers.  The trainer-menu we used was actually a re-badged Bad Trip trainer-menu coded by TRB.

We tried to get TRB re-activated - mostly because of his connections to other crackers (Phil Douglas) and original suppliers but by then he was too invested in a pc-shop that he had opened up in Brussels/Belgium.