Leander Level Editor V1

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Submitted by: musashi9
Date: 2010-04-23 08:34
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Leander Online Level Editor V1
This is just a test for level 1 only! If you find it useful then I will develop it further

Once you have finished your new level design, you need to press SAVE and save it to the same folder as your WHDLOAD version of Leander, overwriting the original file.
NOTE:-always make a backup of the original 'LEVEL1' file

Still to do list
-Add a load feature to reload your masterpiece
NOTE:-to currently reload your created file, place it in the same directory as this flash file, overwriting the original

-Add tiles for the cave section which is located at the top of the map

-Add support for more levels

-Add support for enemies and objects
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2010-05-02 07:15

1. zenox98 writes

How did you work out the level structure? Are the levels for the WHDLOAD version not packed?
I ask because I've been after the level data for a while now and any help would be appreciated.

Good work.