Paradox - Soul Calibur 2

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Category: FlashtrosPlaystation2
Submitted by: musashi9
Date: 2012-11-07 13:13
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2012-11-07 17:02

1. WayneK writes

That is a really nice scroller! I don't really like the background too much, but it's nice to see a PS2 trainermenu.  I wonder if they converted all the trainer options from PS2 Action Replay codes like they used to do on PS1? :)

2012-11-07 17:55

2. mr.spiv writes

Mad.. looks & sounds ace.
2012-11-08 01:56

3. SIRIaX writes

High quality intro by Paradox as always. The music is beautiful, even when its not AD´s best logo, its still good and matches perfectly. Great ambiance! <3I am just curious how to gather 78 options in a beat em up game...
2012-11-08 03:44

4. musashi9 writes

The trainer options seem to mostly be unlocks
Infinite Time
Infinite Health P1
Infinite Health P2
P2 Never Wins
P1 Never Wins
P1 One Fight Wins
P2 One Fight Wins
Quick XP Gain (Weapon Master)
Max XP (Weapon Master)  Infinite Gold (Weapon Master)
Max Gold (Weapon Master)
Unlock Sophitia
Unlock Seung Mina
Unlock Yoshimitsu
Unlock Charade 
Unlock Cervantes
Unlock Extra Arcade Mode
Unlock Extra VS Battle Mode
Unlock Extra Time Attack-Standard Mode 
Unlock Extra Time Attack-Alternate Mode
Unlock Extra Time Attack-Extreme Mode
Unlock Extra Survival-Standard Mode
Unlock Extra Survival-Death Match Mode 
Unlock Extra Survival-No Recovery Mode 
Unlock Extra Team Battle Mode
Unlock Extra VS Team Battle Mode
Unlock Extra Practice Mode
Unlock Museum-Art Gallery-Hi Res
Unlock Museum-Art Gallery-Illustrations
Unlock Museum-Art Gallery-Special
Unlock Museum-Battle Theater
Unlock Museum-Weapon Gallery
Unlock Museum-Demo Theater-Weapon Master Opening
Unlock Museum-Demo Theater-Weapon Master Ending
Unlock Museum-Demo Theater-Opening (Home Ver.) 
Unlock Museum-Demo Theater-Opening (Arcade Ver.)
Unlock Raphael Museum Profile
Unlock Talim Museum Profile
Unlock Yunsung Museum Profile
Unlock Cassandra Museum Profile
Unlock Mitsurugi Museum Profile
Unlock Taki Museum Profile
Unlock Voldo Museum Profile
Unlock Nightmare Museum Profile
Unlock Astaroth Museum Profile 
Unlock Ivy Museum Profile
Unlock Kilik Museum Profile
Unlock Xianghua Museum Profile 
Unlock Maxi Museum Profile
Unlock Necrid Museum Profile
Unlock Heihachi Museum Profile 
Unlock Sophitia Museum Profile 
Unlock Seung Mina Museum Profile
Unlock Yoshimitsu Museum Profile
Unlock Charade Museum Profile
Unlock Cervantes Museum Profile
Unlock Raphael Museum Exibition
Unlock Talim Museum Exibition
Unlock Yunsung Museum Exibition
Unlock Cassandra Museum Exibition
Unlock Mitsurugi Museum Exibition
Unlock Taki Museum Exibition
Unlock Voldo Museum Exibition
Unlock Nightmare Museum Exibition
Unlock Astaroth Museum Exibition
Unlock Ivy Museum Exibition
Unlock Kilik Museum Exibition
Unlock Xianghua Museum Exibition
Unlock Maxi Museum Exibition
Unlock Necrid Museum Exibition
Unlock Heihachi Museum Exibition
Unlock Sophitia Museum Exibition
Unlock Seung Mina Museum Exibition
Unlock Yoshimitsu Museum Exibition
Unlock Charade Museum Exibition
Unlock Cervantes Museum Exibition
Unlock All Characters
Unlock Everything
2012-11-08 04:18

5. -TCB!- writes

I found it to be unusual intro-music at first (still good though!) but when I read the intro was dedicated to the "...late Charles Bronson..." it all of a sudden made more sense!
2012-11-09 14:35

6. proton writes

Charles Bronson yeah! True Legends Never Die!
Sadly one of the very last ever cracktros on a more or less next gen machine:-(((