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Submitted by: musashi9
Date: 2015-06-09 13:59

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2015-06-09 14:01

1. musashi9 writes

Reply to comment #1
2015-06-09 22:30

2. WayneK writes

"Games that implement just a standard copy protection scheme can be cracked in less than a day. Sometimes a tool is even available which does it in seconds." ... Icarus, he's talking to you! :) Funniest part of the article, 2 pages in after he describes just how much effort they went to in order to implement this super-complex protection: "I'm not exactly sure how, but I know YOTD was vulnerable because the copy protection was only run once, at boot time. I assume the crack bypassed the copy protection and then restored the data to its original state." /facepalm.
2015-06-09 16:55

3. mr.spiv writes

Apart from the logo a very nice intro. The "coppers" are cool.
2015-06-09 17:01

4. SIRIaX writes

not only that the logo looks terrible it also matches the rest of the intro in no way. Rest is fine by the way.
2015-06-15 08:31

5. Icarus writes

WayneK: I think they are referring to my tool "LCF" which printed the 16bit key of a libcrypt-protected game. I wasn't involved in Spyro but I remember that it used checksums heavily and manipulated game-flow to be unplayable. Most of the libcrypt-protected games did not include checksums which could be cracked easily, like if you take a copy-locked Amiga game without additional protection. I once read an interview with Rob Northern who clearly stated that copy-lock itself is a basic system which can be cracked easily. Only the stuff which is added around it (i.e. checksums) makes it a better protection and this applies to libcrypt on ps1 aswell :-) Also, as far as I remember Spyro has never been cracked properly ... ?
Reply to comment #5
2015-06-15 18:32

6. sim writes

If Spyro has never been cracked correctly, so what BabyDock is boasting about? Another ego-play...or(?).
Reply to comment #6
2015-06-15 19:00

7. Icarus writes

Well, at least as far as *I personally* remember :-)
Reply to comment #7
2015-06-15 19:46

8. sim writes

Thanx for the info =).
2015-06-15 16:23

9. Marty writes

Sorry for being anal, Icarus, but it is Rob Northen, *NOT* Rob Northern.
2015-06-15 18:31

10. Icarus writes

Yes, of course, I am sorry!
Reply to comment #10
2015-06-15 18:59

11. Dedok179 writes

Hello Icarus.You have left the source code PSX trainers,that you write?.I just want to write your trainer.I know how to do graphics,here's how to freeze the value in the memory do not know.Sorry for my awful English.
Reply to comment #11
2015-06-15 19:07

12. Icarus writes

I might have some of the sources somewhere. I will take a look, I also promised M9 here to search through old backups. Basically, the trainers are simple: An interrupt is installed which updates specific memory-locations. As stated somewhere here by Wayne Kerr most trainers are done using Action Replay codes, so they behave like a "software-emulated" Action Replay. No Magic, no thrill.
Reply to comment #12
2015-06-23 15:14

13. Dedok179 writes

Well? I Find anything?
Reply to comment #12
2015-06-15 19:53

14. WayneK writes

I lost all my PSX stuff from back in the day - M9 helped me recover some GBC/Dreamcast/etc. things, but sadly the PSX directory on the backup CD was unrecoverable :( From what I remember, it was a simple hook of the event handler @ $000000b0 which was patched to call your routine which just "poked" the various code/values needed... It was Brainwalker who taught me this technique, so maybe he remembers more details :)
Reply to comment #12
2015-06-15 19:13

15. Dedok179 writes

I hope that they will be in C.If you please, you can throw the sources in my email?(
2015-06-20 14:55

16. Estrayk writes

I dont know why chocobo uses a weird PT-replayroutine in our PSX-cracktros that make the noise over-distort. Now I can listen the music with the proper volume. :)