Deviance - Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

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Category: FlashtrosPcCracktros
Submitted by: musashi9
Date: 2015-04-09 00:51

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2015-04-09 02:02

1. SIRIaX writes

This is the version I was aware of and it is the best rendition imho. Not much of a tune it is, still that keen noise underscores the bleak design and provides that certain cracktro feeling to me. GJ!
2015-04-09 05:41

2. Loki writes

Agree ... that sound fits much better the overall design ... I got the feeling we could open up an entire new discussion in our forums on background information on the some of the major cracking groups on the PC from the past ... ;)
2015-04-09 08:48

3. WayneK writes

"stop jumping on your ESC key, LMB quits" haha... nice :) And yes, this 'tune' suits the intro much better than the one used in version #1.