Hoodlum - Pariah

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Category: FlashtrosPcCracktros
Submitted by: musashi9
Date: 2015-03-22 12:00

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2015-03-22 16:28

1. Annatar writes

Cool trainermenu / intro. You always had a good sense for design.
2015-03-23 11:51

2. WayneK writes

I much prefer this version, awesome music and I think everything looks better in the green colour scheme!
2015-03-23 15:30

3. sim writes

Another windoz one. Ha... I think the it is due to the colors in the DEVIANCE's one.. HEre the effects put together look better, a way better. And TLN3 endtune remake is a nice choise aswell.
2015-03-23 17:38

4. Lordee writes

Like Wayne said, PC trainer 'menus' usually suck but this is great. I also prefer this one to the Deviance version. Better colors, nice logo by H2o! and sweet music by Pink. (I wonder how many hours I've spent listening to Pink's music over the years... Endless!)
2015-03-24 00:37

5. mr.spiv writes

Very nice indeed!
2015-03-29 04:18

6. Loki writes

Great Stuff A1 and Siriax ... everything fits perfect! You guys did also a trainer for a shitty game called ... Ottoman Empire or something ... Kickass music! @M9 dig that one too pls! :)
Reply to comment #6
2015-03-29 05:42

7. aLpHa oNe writes

Ottomatic. :-)
Reply to comment #7
2015-04-09 14:49

8. Loki writes

Ah eh ... yes .. :) Das Hoodlum Ding hier ist allerdings Dein Meisterstueck ... Geniales Design und der Sound haut rein und passt! Wenn ueberhaupt kann ich nur an der Colorscheme des Fonts etwas kratzen ... Orange/Rot im Sinne des Logos haette noch besser gepasst als pink. ... ahh forget it, that thingy here owns! I wish there would have been more guys like u keeping the spirit alive :)
Reply to comment #8
2015-04-09 15:26

9. Loki writes

Lass uns gemeinsam absteigen ... Stuttgart und der HSV ... LOL!
Reply to comment #9
2015-04-09 18:24

10. aLpHa oNe writes

Wird auch höchste Zeit. :-)