Razor 1911 - Diablo 2

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Category: FlashtrosPcCracktros
Submitted by: musashi9
Date: 2012-10-09 09:13
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2012-10-09 09:22

1. stu writes

nice pc conversion cracktro, not so much the cracktro, it's ok. nothing special 
2012-10-09 10:01

2. pmc writes

I really, really like this cracktro. I can't comment in any way as to whether it's good or bad from a technical standpoint as I don't understand the limitations or lack of associated with coding this type of stuff for PC. Leaving that aside though I absolutely *love* the tune. I think it's pleasing graphically - especially the nice little touches (transparency behind the typer, the floating robot thingy drifting slightly behind the top and bottom borders etc). The kicker for me is the rotozoom. One of my favourite effects and sadly one that currently eludes me on the Amiga. Would *love* to be able to get my head around an Amiga rotozoom routine and make one myself so if anyone out there reading this would like to give your ol' cracktro making mate pmc a hand with a step by step on how it's done then feel free to fire something over to my pm here... ;)
2012-10-09 11:39

3. WayneK writes

Very nice tune, the intro is a bit 'meh' (slow, only 90degree/small zoom area 'rotozoom' and I really dislike the logo/border gfx.
pmc: you have mail! :P

2012-10-09 12:02

4. pmc writes

WK: where? No emails, no pm's :(
2012-10-09 15:25

5. -TCB!- writes

Very nice!  Looks very crisp and the tune rocks...
2012-10-09 18:42

6. scheisslogin writes

fantastic XM.my dirty old kamel by zalza. u gotta luv it! gfx look nice too. shame, the pc groups don't tag their cracks with tros like it was usual in amiga era
2012-10-10 06:23

7. pmc writes

WK: woke up this morning, re-read your comment, realised you were only joking (hey, it's you after all! :D) and slapped myself in the head. :D
2012-10-17 06:42

8. cewlout writes

Ugh! PC. I always press cancel if a I see a PC  crackto with an elite "viewmode-selector". blargh.