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Crack those pipes

Category: TutorialsAmigaCrackingNovella
Author: BippyM
Submitted by: ?
Date: 2005-02-06 21:29
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Right I'm gonna quickly show you how to bypass the novella protection for Pipemania :)
Your probably thinking.. yeah, yeah another novella... well go boot the game and enter 3 wrong passwords!!
What the game is working.. strange go play for a bit and before long you will be staring at this screen

Right lets find out whats going on eh! :)
Press your cartridge button and press D to dissassemble :)
You should come in at about memory location 4B94 which is simply looping!

Right if you go to the bottom of the screen and then back up soon you'll see at address 4B6A a BEQ 4B96 .. this is interesting because if this isn't executed it's pretty obvious that the code to kick you outta the game is executed :(

Lets reboot and when we get to the protection screen

lets change address 4B6A to a BRA 4B96 instead of BEQ, this way it'll branch everytime and hopefully not execute the code to kick us out the game!
Right if you now play the game, you wont get kicked out :) Splendid :) wasn't that simple :D
Right now we need to make it permanent so we have 2 options.. edit the memory with the replay and save the file to disk or load the file into a hex editor (as it's an AmigaDos disk) and edit it that way :)
The replay option would work and is explained here in other tutorials in enough detail for you to simply copy, but you will need other files off the disk so I'll do it the hex editor/amigados way :)
Right firstly we need to know what we are looking for and what we are going to change. Reboot your machine and go back in with the replay at the password
do an M 4B6A and make a note of the first 8 numbers 67 2A 41 F9
Now reassemble the address to the BRA and again do the M 4B6A. You should now get: 60 2A 41 F9

- Again make a note of this and now boot into your hexeditor
I use ZAP on the Amiga.. Right load the file PIPEMANIA into your hex editor and do a binary search for $67 $2A $41 $F9

You will only find the 1 occurance so lets change the $67 to $60 and save the file back to disk

(make a backup first!!) :)

Right boot up and test it :)

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2005-02-07 07:38

1. MarlboroMan writes

Nice one Bippy! Ive tried to crack it myself after your post in the forum and ive found it,too!
2005-02-08 11:59

2. WayneK writes

Nice one, seems to work fine :) Although it's usually better to find out the conditions and emulate them (eg: find out what would cause it to fail the protection (like a test of a value in a certain memory location), and force the correct value to be inserted, just in case there are similar checks later in the game)...
2005-02-10 03:15

3. BippyM writes

True but if you actually enter the correct code and play game you'll see the protection check is still part of the main game code ;)

Unless that is repeated I can't see it, but I do see what you are saying :D

Why not have a go yourself and show me how it should have been done :P
2005-11-22 16:33

4. Darkman writes

You could emulate the protection as WayneK suggest, by inserting a CLR.B 4A2 at address 4B64.
This will avoid problems later on, if game checks address 4A2...