Paradox - California Speed

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Category: FlashtrosNintendo 64
Submitted by: musashi9
Date: 2012-11-14 07:19
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2012-11-14 08:13

1. stu writes

FIRST :) really nice logo and nice scroller. great to see n64 stuff too :) thanks m9
2012-11-14 10:45

2. musashi9 writes

You're welcome ;)
2012-11-14 10:46

3. WayneK writes

N64! Greets to Icarus, this isn't a bad trainer at all (he wrote a decent tutorial on how to 'hook' trainers on N64 games, if I remember correctly it was essentially a VBL hook, where you patched the swapgfxbuffers() system lib call to jump to your 'poke' code).  Afaik, all the actual locations came from Action Replay codes (just like 99% of PDX PS1 trainers) - I think only Titanik made 100% his own trainers on N64.

2012-11-14 12:51

4. SIRIaX writes

not beautiful imho, logo is ok, menu standard font sucks and the scroll font does not fit to the rest of the intro, does not attain the usual paradox quality.
2012-11-14 14:25

5. DeaTure writes

Wayne, what do you mean by most PS1 trainers came from Action Replay codes? I used action replay to set break points and watch addresses so is that what you mean?
2012-11-14 18:02

6. BrainWalker writes

Didnt know we did something on N64, but since Icarus was with us, it all makes sense :) 
Deature: WK means, the original way the AR was built for: finding cheat codes. Some used ready made cheats and converted them, and some did their trainers on their own. this was for all platforms (psx,n64,gbc) the same....
Siriax: usual pdx quality ? :)
2012-11-14 21:58

7. WayneK writes

Deat: I didn't mean most PSX trainers were AR code conversions, I said most PDX (Paradox, not PSX!) were AR code conversions... I still remember the day when I was speaking to a couple of friends on 3way (Rotox, and another guy who worked at Datel) when Paradox released their Spiderman PSX trainer!
Every single option was from the Datel webpage, in exactly the same order as the Action Replay codes website just a couple of hours after the codes were online :)
Of course we all used it with Caetla (is that what it was called? the pc<>psx link software and replacement rom) and did the work ourselves - but not everyone did :)  But of course, before Brainwalker mentions it (hehe), I had better say that if it hadn't been for him explaining how PSX interrupts worked I wouldn't have been able to train many games at all :)
2012-11-15 01:05

8. prime_evil writes

the music sux man....
2012-11-16 11:36

9. DeaTure writes

Wayne: ahh at least i can say i digged out the codes on my own but then again i didn't really do a massive amount of trainers :)BrainWalker: I will try and find you on the net :)
2012-11-20 06:45

10. musashi9 writes

updated: added a logo effect at the start that didn't show up in the first emulator I tried
2015-04-15 21:46

11. Icarus writes

@WK: All N64 trainers are done myself not using codes off "Action Replay"-sites. Also Cold187/PDX who made some cool trainers, too made all himself. I had a tool which could save a memdump and this is how it was done. On Playstation, yes well .. :-) - I would say personally I maybe made 30% "myself". Too bad if I think about it, because on playstation I had alot better tools/hw than on N64. I programmed my N64 intros in assembly language. Wild Fire and Titanik gave me some (rare) infos about hw-registers etc. Titanik was really a good hacker and programmer! I remember him well :-)