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Category: FlashtrosNDS
Submitted by: musashi9
Date: 2010-07-16 05:08
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2010-07-16 05:40

1. janer 1 writes

and they going on :) good logo and nice scrollerfont..but the scroller would look better if it would be in the lower screen (with some effects too) ofcourse the tune is a 100% classic and one of the best ever made
2010-07-16 08:00

2. mr.spiv writes

Ahhh... this music!! To be honest there is not much in this NDS intro BUT.. it hit the soft spot with the music/big ass fonts/nice logo/starfield :D Well played, heh.
2010-07-16 10:16

3. WayneK writes

Nooooo! Centre the "I" in your 32-wide font, for the love of god! :P
2010-07-16 12:30

4. proton writes

Tune was not originally composed by ESTRAYK. He remade it.
Great things are happening on DS. Games suck, but the tros rule !
Would be nice to see some XBOX360 or WII cracktros ?
The thing is, no real sceners / groups on those platforms.
2010-07-16 12:42

5. rvh writes

Not going to happen proton. Both the Wii and X360 are not fully cracked yet, you cant hook intros to the games, well on the Wii you can, but then it will only work on softmod machines, not modchipped ones(if i remember correctly). DS is probably the last console/handheld you will see any intros on. The fact that there is less than 5 people still bothering coding anything speaks for itself too.
2010-07-16 12:59

6. prime_evil writes

Nice toon.. True dat rvh....
2010-07-16 14:02

7. janer 1 writes

what i like on these nds intros..they got their own style.. its not a copy from amiga or c64 stuff.. this is very nice.. and yes the "I" is a little bit "uncentered" hehehe..tune done by BRANKO M.
2010-07-16 16:57

8. Wack0 writes

rvh: well, if you had a patchfile to patch the iso to remove the cracktro (and restore original tmd/tik signing) then something COULD happen on that front..
2010-07-16 17:07

9. rvh writes

That could work Wack0, but i have a feeling it would just bring even more hate against intros, which there already seem to be enough of, if 50% of the people had to do an extra step everytime..
2010-07-16 17:44

10. janer 1 writes

what is the reason to hate them or the reason to remove them from the roms.. is there any difference without the cracktro ? .. i know there is some group called NOINTRO (or something like that) .. but i never understood why its so important to have a "clean" rom ... i dont understand it.. please if someone can teach me that.. i would be happy.. because.. it started back then with those cracktros.. and i love them.. i mean..if a game dont work properly with a tro in front.. ok then i understand.. but i think this is a minority.. or am i wrong.. short said--> i cant understand the hate of some ppl about those cracktros ... hmmm...
2010-07-16 18:03

11. newton writes

awesome logo and cool font and music!

whats not to like? ok, make the scroller support proportional fonts, but otherwise, ace!
2010-07-16 18:44

12. rvh writes

Good question janer, most likely its 12y old kids that feel guilty if they cant talk themselves into their game being legimitate. :-)

I also guess some people just need something to complain about to make them feel happy.
2010-07-16 21:23

13. cewlout writes

It is good that there are still groups out there (read: venom) which do not care what p2p and non scene lamers think. Those roms are released to the scene and if someone does not want an intro then they should buy the game or leech a clean rom made by other lamers (no intro and similar). Well, I don't have a problem with that. The best would be that everything is seperated from each other: Scene and the collector lameasses complaining about intros even if a group cracked a rom: "can't we have the crack without intro"? ridiculous. Ermm.. what the hell since when can lamers demand anything from the real scene? Anyway, the console scene is something special when it comes to that topic and even was back in the eighties.
2010-07-16 21:48

14. janer 1 writes

yes..ok.. i never understand why some ppl cried and down voted EVERY cracktro (erm..oh yes..on pouet f.e.) as long a rls work properly WITH a cracktro on it i dont get the reason why its so bad that this cracktro is there... sometimes i also think few ppl of them are kind of jealous because they dont do any productions themself today (dont misunderstand me due i am no coder or something)..i only love those cracktro stuff as most of us do here i think/hope) ..anyway... i love the stuff and i am glad that sites like this or similar are here so we can enjoy this ..
ok enough crap talked by my side..and hooray for those beauties to come in the future :)
2010-07-18 18:21

15. Serpent writes

Nice logo! Tune should be the original one, not Estrayk's remake..
2010-07-18 22:21

16. rvh writes

Original one does not exist in .mod format i think? It's some uncommon format iirc..
edit: ahx i think it is..
2010-07-19 11:26

17. cocaine writes

tune suxx! very bad remake! :P
Original is done with Sonic Arranger!
2010-07-28 10:17

18. sink writes

kickass logo, that all