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Category: FlashtrosNDS
Submitted by: musashi9
Date: 2009-04-16 08:07
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2009-04-16 09:04

1. stu writes

nice one :) first post too =)
2009-04-16 10:54

2. WayneK writes

a k-rad trainer interface indeed... greets to triforce! :)
2009-04-16 18:59

3. axis/cascade writes

i like the graffiti logo , the scroller and the sound... cool one!
2009-04-17 09:13

4. proton writes

This is one of just a handfull cracktros / trainers on the DS.
No cracktros on any new releases :-((( DS scene is pure crap. Console scene in general.
2009-04-17 14:18

5. janer 1 writes

ageless dez tune and cool overall look .. and a HOORAY for the new section
hope there will be coming more in future :)
2009-04-17 18:47

6. mr.spiv writes

Dez \o/ Cool trainer menu, although I would have expected something more modern crap-o-design-wow from a DS menu.. maybe they are also living in past like some of us :D
2009-05-29 13:27

7. cg_ writes

There needs to be a resurrection then on the nds ;)
2009-12-07 13:49

8. Tarball writes

Problem with the lack of cracktros on NDS is that there's nothing to crack (until recently I guess, but even then the flashcarts are handling some stuff on their end). Trainers are also not needed since pretty much all flashcarts have built-in cheat code functionality. You'd just be including an intro for the sake of it, which I don't have a problem with, but some people frown upon.
2009-12-07 17:38

9. WayneK writes

There are plenty things to crack recently on NDS (that need to be cracked "by hand" rather than autopatched by firmware), and it seems likely there will be even more (MetaFortress(TM), omg!) in the near future. Good trainers have options that involve quite a bit of code-patching, which would equal a lot of cheat codes to "emulate" in a cheat-engine... I agree, they're a dying art, but I don't think the builtin cheat stuff replaces them (just like it didn't on SNES, built-in GoldFinger/AR codes there but trainers were still prevalent).
2010-07-22 19:10

10. plaugeis writes

That's good to hear about trainers. It always seemed to me that, at least in the real very old school computer scene (primarily 64 and Amiga) trainers were a tool primarily for the groups to play test their games prior to release, such as when they were level-packed, one filed, etc...or in situations where it was possible that there might be additional checksums of the copy protection toward the end of the game or perhaps one was prevented from seeing the proper ending. Then the trainers were left in place and a menu was added for the "public" as a perk.

I'm just glad there are some intros to be seen on the DS, since it makes me feel better about the one I purchased last's certainly worth having now, and I'd like to help keep the scene going in any way I could (at least the intro/demo creation side of it).
2010-08-19 10:51

11. daison writes

Cool intro. Maxed out the ninja turtle theme imo.