Shadow of the Beast

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MFM , Checksums, Conversion to Dos Files

Category: TutorialsAmigaCrackingMFM
Author: Phantasm
Submitted by: Phantasm
Date: 2014-06-19 07:18
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Phantasm 2014!
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2014-06-19 10:14

1. WayneK writes

Really good tutorial Phantasm! Although I was surprised after all that effort (5 checksums!) they didn't try a bit harder to disguise the actual CRC checks (short memrange loops w/ EOR's and running totals are kind of obvious). I also wouldn't use a file-loader on a game with so many files (fragmentation from file-copied versions can really slow things down), but that's personal preference... Short version - awesome tutorial :)
2014-06-19 17:06

2. Old_Amiga_Cracker writes

Congrats Phantasm, you are amazing, awesome tutorial, absolutely beautiful read. It’s impressive you cracked the game 15 years later and wrote a tutorial about it. I really enjoyed reading this masterpiece, hope to see more tutorials from you soon. By the way, anyone knows who cracked the game back in the day? Someone in Paranoimia? How long it took to be cracked?
2014-06-19 17:24

3. Old_Amiga_Cracker writes

From Wikipedia: "A re-imagined version of Shadow of the Beast was revealed at Gamescom 2013, developed by Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs and will be published by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 4."
Reply to comment #3
2014-06-24 18:04

4. juz400 writes

Didnt Sony close down what was back in the day Psygnosis? Kind of a kick in the teeth if you ask me.... BUT, Great tutorial on cracking the game that made the Amiga stand head and shoulders over the competition! Keep up the good work ;)
2014-06-19 18:26

5. Lordee writes

Really good tutorial indeed and great job cracking this! Back then when this came out I had no idea there's so much work involved in cracking. Old Amiga Cracker: after a quick search, there are versions by Paranoimia, Quartex, The Band and Vision Factory. Not sure which one is the best and if any of them have problems. The Quartex one comes with a long Paranoimia 'diss' text and doesn't seem to have the Psygnosis intro/title. Also, the Vision Factory one has been AGA fixed for newer Amigas several years later, so that one is probably working '100%'. Bet someone on here knows more details though!
Reply to comment #5
2014-06-19 21:39

6. Phantasm writes

yep back in the day i had the quartex one and its missing some stuff and has more disk swaps than the original - but then again the packing tools we had years later (and have now) weren't available when the original came out.
2014-06-26 05:32

7. DLFRSILVER writes

Awesome Job Phantasm, a pleasure to read ! Maybe we'll see next time a tuto-crack for Obitus from Psygnosis ?