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Category: TutorialsAmigaCrackingLoaders
Author: StingRay
Submitted by: musashi9
Date: 2007-08-13 01:16
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*             /                                                           *
*       _____.__ _                                         .___.          *
*      /    /_____________.  _________.__________.________ |   |________  *
*  ___/____      /    ____|_/         |         /|        \\|   ._      /  *
*  \\     \\/      \\    \\     \\    /    |    :___/?|    \\    \\   |/     /   *
*   \\_____________\\___/_____/___/_____|____|     |____|\\_____________/    *
*     -========================/===========|______\\================-      *
*                                                                         *
*   .---.----(*(          HARDWARE TRACKLOADER              )*)---.---.   *
*   `-./                                                           \\.-'   *
*                         (c)oded by StingRay                             *
*                         --------------------                            *
*                              August 2007                                *
*                                                                         *
*              SPECIAL "PLEASE NEW ZEALAND'S BEST" RELEASE                *
*                                                                         *

; trackloader coded by stingray for
; 10/11/12-Aug-2007
; thanks to Cr?xshadows, :Wumpscut:, Das Ich, Funker Vogt, [:SITD:],
; God Module, Suicide Commando, etc. for music while coding this :)

*** HISTORY					***

; 16-Aug-2007	- special "please New Zealand's best" release
;		- checksum checks added, increases loadersize to 530
;		  bytes, it's off by default, enable it by setting
;		  LD_CHECKSUM to 1
;		- according to New Zealand's best, this loader is
;		  "extremely limited and buggy". So better use
;		  a loader coded by New Zealand's best. Good luck
;		  finding one. ;) If you should find one, better check
;		  the size of the mfm buffer in that very loader then
;		  as New Zealand's best has quite a complicated and
;		  very special approach to calculate mfm buffer
;		  sizes. At least it's too complicated for me because
;		  I can't see that my MFM buffer size is too small but
;		  if New Zealand's best says it is, then it is!

; 13-Aug-2007	- due to a bug the fast "step to next track" routine
;		  is gone (happened when the loader was called multiple
;		  times), using LD_StepToTrack again, loader is 30
;		  bytes smaller now and works reliable as added bonus :)
;		- optimized the size a bit more, LD_CURRENTRACK is now
;		  d5, loadersize is 494 bytes now :)
;		- boundary check in the mfm decoder improved, if
;		  end is reached, it simply exits, no need to decode
;		  another sector then :) 
;		- current loadersize (safety off): 494 bytes
;		- quick and dirty bugfix, loader didn't work correctly
;		  if # of bytes to skip was >512bytes, for now this
;		  quickfix should do (uses 512*11 bytes memory, guess why),
;		  might do a better fix later

; 12-Aug-2007	- missing cia timers implemented
;		- rasterline timing removed as it's not easy
;		  to implement without a lot of changes due to the
;		  way current cia timing is implemented, doesn't
;		  matter anway as there are 4 selectable CIA timers,
;		  should be more than adequate
;		- instead of using LD_StepToTrack a much simpler
;		  and faster routine is used to step to the next
;		  track now, increases loadersize but also the speed :)
;		- forgot to set error code in LD_DriveReady, wrong
;		  error returned if the drive actually DID clear the
;		  DSKRDY bit :)
;		- fixed timeout in LD_LoadTrack, apparently 5ms was
;		  way too short, timeout value is now 20*50=1000 ms=1sec
;		- added LD_SAFETY, if enabled some error checks are
;		  performed
;		- doesn't trash any bytes (max. 3) at the end of the buffer
;		  anymore
;		- offset logic fixed, everything seems to work fine now
;		- size optimized LD_DriveOn and LD_StepToTrack
;		- some hours later: should work with start offsets
;		  that are not a multiple of 4 now, slows down mfm decoding
;		  quite a bit because of the needed checks and writing
;		  bytes only instead of longs, could be made faster
;		  with special case code but that would enlarge the loader
;		  and it's big enough already (558 bytes), at least
;		  there should be no memory trashing at all anymore and
;		  it should work with all offsets/lengths
;		- some minutes later: 'FUCK IT' I say! :) Got sick of that
;		  fucked up innerloop, I now use the MFM buffer as
;		  temporary buffer and copy it afterwards to the real
;		  address, a lot faster, a lot shorter and only uses
;		  512 bytes more memory :)

; 11-Aug-2007	- added the loader part
;		- some bugfixes and size optimizing
;		- first working version
;		- offset logic wrong, trashes 2 bytes
;		- drive check improved, split into 2 different
;		  routines now (LD_DriveOn, LD_DriveReady)
;		  after the 500ms timer is expired, a read attempt
;		  is performed to check if the drive is available/ready
;		- added timeout check in LD_LoadTrack, if no IRQ signal
;		  is received within 5ms an error is returned, according
;		  to the HW manual, max. time needed to get to the
;		  next track is 3ms so 5ms is more than enough time
;		- split the timer routines in LD_StartTimer,
;		  LD_CheckTimer and LD_WaitTimer

; 10-Aug-2007	- started coding
;		- cia timers, step to track, selectable drives,
;		  no actual loading/mfm decoding yet

	IF	0		; example code, change 0 to 1 to assemble it

TEST	move.w	#$4000,$dff09a
	lea	BUFFER,a0	; destination
	lea	MFM,a1		; mfm buffer
	moveq	#0,d0		; start offset in bytes
	move.l	#100000,d1	; length in bytes
	moveq	#1,d2		; drive to use

	lea	BUFFER,a0	; destination
	;lea	MFM,a1		; mfm buffer
	move.l	#80*11*512,d0	; start offset in bytes
	move.l	#200000,d1	; length in bytes
	moveq	#1,d2		; drive to use

	lea	BUFFER,a0	; destination
	;lea	MFM,a1		; mfm buffer
	move.l	#40*11*512,d0	; start offset in bytes
	move.l	#200000,d1	; length in bytes
	moveq	#1,d2		; drive to use

	move.w	#$c000,$dff09a

BUFFER	dcb.l	200000/4,"STR!"
	dcb.l	1024/4,"STR!"
MFM	dcb.l	$2400/2,"MFM!"
MFMEND	dcb.l	$2400/2,"END!"

; internal constants, don't touch
LD_TIME3MS	= 2148		; 3000/1.3968255
LD_TIME5MS	= 3580		; 5000/1.3968255, 
LD_TIME18MS	= 12886		; 18000/1.3968255, after reversing dir
LD_NODRIVE	= 1		; drive not accessible
LD_READERROR	= 2		; timeout while reading track
LD_OUTOFBOUNDS	= 3		; requested offset/length out of bounds
LD_CRCERROR	= 4		; checksum error

LD_CIAA_A	= 1		; cia a, timer a
LD_CIAA_B	= 2		; cia a, timer b
LD_CIAB_A	= 3		; cia b, timer a
LD_CIAB_B	= 4		; cia b, timer b

; these are the ONLY user changeable settings
LD_USECIA	= LD_CIAB_A	; which timer to use, look above
LD_SAFETY	= 0		; set to 1 for more safety, e.g boundary
				; checking, increases loadersize

LD_CHECKSUM	= 0		; set to 1 to enable checksum check

*** TRACKLOADER				***

; a0.l: load address
; a1.l: mfm buffer (only once, $2400 words)
; d0.l: offset (bytes, 0-160*11*512)
; d1.l: size (bytes, 0-160*11*512)
; d2.w: drive (0-3)
; d0.l: error code (0 = no error)

LOADER	movem.l	d1-a6,-(a7)
	lea	$dff000,a6
	lea	$bfd100,a5
	lea	LD_VARS(pc),a4

	tst.l	LD_MFM(a4)		; mfm buffer already set?
	bne.b	.mfmok
	move.l	a1,LD_MFM(a4)

	move.l	d1,d4
	sub.l	d0,d4
	cmp.l	#160*11*512,d4
	ble.b	.ok
	bra.b	.error

.ok	lea	(a0,d1.l),a3		; end of buffer
	move.l	d0,d4
	divu.w	#512*11,d4
	move.w	d4,d5			; LD_CURRENTTRACK(a4)
	swap	d4			; number of bytes to skip

	addq.b	#3,d2
	bsr.b	LD_DriveOn		; select drive
	bsr.b	LD_DriveReady		; selected drive ready?
	tst.l	d0
	beq.b	.driveok
	moveq	#LD_NODRIVE,d0		; return correct errorcode :)
	bra.b	.exit

.loop	bsr.b	LD_StepToTrack		; move stepper motor to start track
	bsr.w	LD_LoadTrack		; load and decode track
	tst.l	d0			; error?
	bne.b	.exit
	bsr.w	LD_DecodeTrack
	tst.l	d0
	bne.b	.exit
	addq.w	#1,d5
	cmp.l	a0,a3
	bhi.b	.loop
	moveq	#0,d0			; no error

.exit	bsr.b	LD_DriveOff		; switch off drive

.error	movem.l	(a7)+,d1-a6


; d2.b: drive
	moveq	#$7d,d1			; deselect all drives
	bra.b	LD_DriveSet

; d2.b: drive
	moveq	#-3,d1			; move.b #$fd,d1
	move.b	d1,(a5)
	bclr	d2,d1
	move.b	d1,(a5)

; waits for DSKRDY bit to go low or a 500ms timer to expire
; after that, a read attempt is performed to check if the
; drive is available
; required because there are drives (f.e. some external drives,
; hello Mr.Spiv :D or the crappy drives in the Escom Amigas
; without the floppy fix (which btw is also a shitload of 
; crap because it never switches off the drive motor!))
; that don't ever clear the DSKREADY bit

	moveq	#10-1,d7
.loop	move.w	#LD_TIME5MS*10,d0		; 50 ms
	bsr.b	LD_StartTimer
.check	btst	#5,$bfe001-$bfd100(a5)
	beq.b	.motorok
	bsr.b	LD_CheckTimer
	beq.b	.check
	dbf	d7,.loop			; 10*50ms

; no DSKREADY signal within 500ms, try to read a track
; to check if drive is ready
	bra.w	LD_LoadTrack

	moveq	#0,d0				; no error


; d0.w: time in ms
	move.b	#1<<3,$bfee01-$bfd100(a5)	; set one-shot mode
	move.b	d0,$bfe401-$bfd100(a5)	; set timerA low byte
	lsr.w	#8,d0
	move.b	d0,$bfe501-$bfd100(a5)	; set timerA high byte and start timer

; returns timer status (z-flag set: timer still running)
	btst	#0,$bfed01-$bfd100(a5)	; wait for timerA interrupt

; d0.w: time in ms
	move.b	#1<<3,$bfef01-$bfd100(a5)	; set one-shot mode
	move.b	d0,$bfe601-$bfd100(a5)	; set timerB low byte
	lsr.w	#8,d0
	move.b	d0,$bfe701-$bfd100(a5)	; set timerB high byte and start timer

; returns timer status (z-flag set: timer still running)
	btst	#1,$bfed01-$bfd100(a5)	; wait for timerB interrupt

; d0.w: time in ms
	move.b	#1<<3,$e00-$100(a5)	; set one-shot mode
	move.b	d0,$400-$100(a5)	; set timerA low byte
	lsr.w	#8,d0
	move.b	d0,$500-$100(a5)	; set timerA high byte and start timer

; returns timer status (z-flag set: timer still running)
	btst	#0,$d00-$100(a5)	; wait for timerA interrupt

; d0.w: time in ms
	move.b	#1<<3,$f00-$100(a5)	; set one-shot mode
	move.b	d0,$600-$100(a5)	; set timerB low byte
	lsr.w	#8,d0
	move.b	d0,$700-$100(a5)	; set timerB high byte and start timer

; returns timer status (z-flag set: timer still running)
	btst	#1,$d00-$100(a5)	; wait for timerB interrupt


; simply waits for the timer to expire
.wait	bsr.b	LD_CheckTimer
	beq.b	.wait

	move.w	#LD_TIME18MS,d0
	bsr.b	LD_StartTimer
	bra.b	LD_WaitTimer


	tst.b	LD_INITFLAG(a4)
	bne.b	.noinit
	bsr.b	LD_MoveToTrack0		; move to track 0 for orientation
.noinit	bclr	#1,(a5)			; default direction = inwards
	bset	#2,(a5)			; default side: 0
	move.w	LD_LASTTRACK(a4),d0	
	move.w	d5,d1
	lsr.w	#1,d0			; /2 because we have 2 sides/track
	lsr.w	#1,d1
	bcc.b	.sideok
	bclr	#2,(a5)			; odd track, side is 1
.sideok	sub.w	d0,d1
	beq.b	.exit			; already at correct track
	bgt.b	.step
	neg.w	d1			; we need positive loopcounter
	bset	#1,(a5)			; direction = outwards
.step	bsr.b	LD_Step
	subq.w	#1,d1
	bne.b	.step
	move.w	d5,LD_LASTTRACK(a4)
.exit	rts

.loop	btst	#4,$e001-$d100(a5)	; already on track0?
	beq.b	.ok			; yes, nothing to do
	bset	#1,(a5)			; direction = outwards
	bsr.b	LD_Step			; step one track
	bra.b	.loop
.ok	clr.w	LD_LASTTRACK(a4)

LD_Step	bclr	#0,(a5)			; set step signal
	bset	#0,(a5)			; clear step signal
	bra.b	LD_Wait18ms		; wait for steppermotor to finish


; a0: destination
; a3: end of buffer
; d4: offset
; d0: error code (0: no error)

; split into 2 parts because of the drive check

	move.w	#1<<15|1<<4,$96(a6)	; enable disk dma
	move.w	#~(1<<15)&$ff00,$9e(a6)	; clear adkcon (just to be sure)
; set fastmode (mfm), wordsync, mfmprec, no precomp
	move.w	#1<<8|1<<10|1<<12|1<<15,$9e(a6)
	move.w	#$4000,$24(a6)
	move.w	#$4489,$7e(a6)
	move.w	#1<<1,$9c(a6)		; clear disk irq
	move.l	LD_MFM(a4),a1
	move.l	a1,$20(a6)
	move.w	#1<<15+$1900,$24(a6)
	move.w	#1<<15+$1900,$24(a6)
	bsr.b	.timer
	moveq	#20,d3			; 1s, should be more than enough
	move.w	$1e(a6),d1
	btst	#1,d1
	bne.b	.done
	bsr.w	LD_CheckTimer
	beq.b	.waitDMA
	bsr.b	.timer			; reload timer
	subq.w	#1,d3
	bne.b	.waitDMA

	moveq	#LD_READERROR,d0	; timeout!
	bra.b	.error

.done	moveq	#0,d0			; no error
.error	move.w	#$4000,$24(a6)
	move.w	#1<<4,$96(a6)		; disable disk dma

.timer	move.w	#LD_TIME5MS*10,d0	; 50ms
	bra.w	LD_StartTimer

; decode mfm
; a0: destination
; a1: mfm buffer
; a3: end of buffer
; d4: offset

	movem.l	d2/d5/a5,-(a7)		; save 
	move.l	a5,-(a7)

	lea	$1900*2(a1),a5		; temp
	move.l	#$55555555,d3
	moveq	#0,d7
	move.l	a1,a2

	cmp.w	#$4489,(a2)+
	bne.b	.getsync
	cmp.w	#$4489,(a2)
	beq.b	.getsync

; get info data
	movem.l	(a2),d0/d1
	bsr.b	.decode
	lsr.w	#8,d0			; d0: sector number
	cmp.w	d0,d7			; are we on the correct sector?
	beq.b	.sectorok
	lea	$440-8(a2),a2
	bra.b	.getsync


; calc checksum
	movem.l	$38-8(a2),d0/d1
	bsr.b	.decode
	move.l	d0,d5			; save
	moveq	#0,d2			; checksum for this sector	

	lea	$40-8(a2),a2		; point to data

	moveq	#512/4-1,d6
.loop	move.l	512(a2),d1		; data (even)
	move.l	(a2)+,d0		; data (odd)
	eor.l	d0,d2
	eor.l	d1,d2
	bsr.b	.decode
	move.l	d0,(a5)+
	dbf	d6,.loop

	moveq	#LD_CRCERROR,d0
	and.l	d3,d2
	cmp.l	d2,d5
	bne.b	.crcerror

	addq.w	#1,d7
	cmp.w	#11,d7
	blt.b	.secloop

	lea	$1900*2(a1),a5
	add.w	d4,a5
	move.w	#512*11,d0
	sub.w	d4,d0			; # of bytes to copy
.copy	cmp.l	a3,a0
	bge.b	.exit
	move.b	(a5)+,(a0)+
	subq.w	#1,d0
	bne.b	.copy
	moveq	#0,d4			; next track starts at the beginning

	moveq	#0,d0			; no errors

	movem.l	(a7)+,d2/d5/a5
	move.l	(a7)+,a5

.decode	and.l	d3,d0
	and.l	d3,d1
	add.l	d0,d0			; <<1
	or.l	d1,d0

LD_MFM			rs.l	1		; ptr to mfmbuffer
LD_LASTTRACK		rs.w	1		; last track
LD_INITFLAG		rs.b	1		; $ff: init done
			rs.b	1		; padding

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2007-08-13 06:19

1. sink writes

good work sting!
2007-08-13 07:47

2. mr.spiv writes

"August 2007".. new skool :sly
Kudos for the 500ms driveon delays :D
2007-08-13 09:05

3. StingRay writes

Yup, I was bored. :D It should even work on your drives, Spivster. :P At least it shouldn't lock up. :)
2007-08-13 13:43

4. StingRay writes

uploaded an updated version, fixed a bug in the mfm decoder.
2007-08-13 15:53

5. WayneK writes

Nice one Sting, I'll be sure to use it if I ever finish a crack :)
2007-08-13 16:39

6. StingRay writes

Thanks. :) I really hope you do, hopefully this loader motivates you a bit. =)
2007-08-15 20:58

7. Codetapper writes

You have outdone yourself StingRay - this loader is even worse than those buggy patches you uploaded on EAB! If you had cracked a few games in your time, you might have picked up on some of the faults.

This loader is extremely limited and buggy. From the parameters it looks like you can load data from any offset, but in fact you're forced to load on track boundaries. There are no checksums at all (hopeless!), the MFM buffer is too small, it won't work in many cases where the first valid data is quite far into the MFM buffer. I could go on.

Anyone that uses a loader like this in a crack deserves all the bug reports they will get!

If anyone wants a working, stable, flexible and highly tested loader, use one of Rob Northen's routines rather than this mess!

Back to the drawing board old son!
2007-08-15 22:04

8. StingRay writes

Haha, thanks for your nice words, I knew if someone would have something to say it would be you, worlds best cracker, coder and hd fixer who can nothing but complain about utterly useless things like missing version checks in BETA slaves and stuff like that. :) Then again, it's hilarious. :) I might tell you that I left out checksum checks on purpose, that I don't know why you are saying the mfm buffer is too small and furthermore, I DID crack more than just one game in my time so I don't understand that comment either. Then again, it's also very funny when someone says that who learned coding in '99. :) And again, if you can do it better, do it instead of just talking. Oh, and of course the loader can access each byte on the disk. So again, I win and you lose and talk BS as usual. Bad luck again eh? Try harder, Supertapper.:)
2007-08-15 23:08

9. StingRay writes

And thanks for your "1" rating.:) That makes me smile even more.:) All I can say is "The MFM buffer is too small". That really shows how much you know about coding.
You just scored world's best own goal and made the "old son who's too lazy to get back to the drawing board" burst out in laughter. Thank you, you really made my day.:)
Oh, and could you elaborate a bit on this "it won't work in many cases where the first valid data is quite far into the MFM buffer." nonsense?
And as you have coded so many loaders yourself, I'd like to get some tips from a grandmaster of loader coding that you are. I hope one day I'll be as good as you.
The first lesson could be "How to calculate MFM buffer sizes, Codetapper approach.". I bet it would be a very interesting lesson. :)
2007-08-15 23:28

10. TCB writes

Now now boys - be nice to eachother! :)
2007-08-15 23:31

11. TCB writes

Can you just shake hands and make up?
2007-08-15 23:39

12. StingRay writes

No problem for me, I never started this in the first place anyway. :)
2007-08-16 01:08

13. StingRay writes

Updated the loader to a "please New Zealand's best" version. You can have checksum checks now if you want. Doesn't matter that the game/demo won't work correctly if checksums are wrong anyway and that the checksum checks increased the loadersize to 530 bytes I suppose, I do all to please New Zealand's best. :)
2007-08-16 01:42

14. Codetapper writes

I personally would rather load a track of data, perform the checksum, find that it's incorrect, and reload the track, bailing out with an error.

StingRay seems to prefer load the track, the data is corrupt, the user will know it's corrupt because the program crashes. Great attitude! Or was that last listing more beta software that you release, and because it's beta, it's allowed to crash? Have you ever heard of graceful degradation? A famous person once said the most elegant piece of code can be ruined by error trapping.

As for the other major problem, do you actually realise on an AmigaDos disk when you fill the MFM buffer with data, the first sector on the disk is NOT always the first sector in the MFM buffer? I guess not! You read consecutive sectors and just assume the first one returned will be at the start of the buffer. Because an AmigaDos disk has so many $4489 syncs, you cannot assume the first sector will be the right data you need.

WinUAE might cheat and always decode an ADF so the sectors are in order, but a real Amiga won't.

I also find it amusing that you keep going on about how I learnt coding in 99 (which is wrong anyway) but aside from that, doesn't that show you up ? I can see newbie-type errors and you've supposedly been doing it for 10-20 years longer than me? You should be embarrassed about that, not proud...

If this tutorial is to show a good loader, you would be better to disassemble and comment Rob Northen's loader than re-invent the wheel. Especially when your wheel appears to be square.
2007-08-16 08:27

15. mr.spiv writes

Nothing wrong with the sector and track decoding.. the code just scans the MFM buffer 11 times and decodes sectors in correct order into the temp buffer. Might not be the most efficient way but works.
2007-08-16 08:47

16. stu writes

ahhh... codetapper, if your a kiwi, then be cool, cuz we all know the aussies are wankers, but im a kiwi, so please represent New Zealand highly, or state that your really Australian.
2007-08-16 10:30

17. StingRay writes

Ok Codetapper, as usual you don't comment about YOUR faults in any way, instead you keep going on boasting and I still find it utterly amusing. First of all, who said this is a tutorial? Me? So again, one totally useless comment from you. Next one, sector decoding, I really don't know what you are going on about. I check on which sector I am and decode that one then. As Mr.Spiv said, it's not the most efficient way and I am well aware of that. And that someone who is not even able to calculate MFM buffer sizes and flames my code because of "too small MFM buffer sizes" wants to show me how good MFM decoding works is even more hilarious. As usual, you just give comments that are not useful in any way. Before flaming others you better make sure you actually UNDERSTOOD the code you are flaming. And you didn't understand the code here which your unqualified comments totally showed. You hate me, ok, no problem with that, but that you blame others for bugs that actually only exist in your brain because you didn't understand the code you were looking at really shows who's the newbie here. And sometimes, dear Codetapper, if you don't have a clue about certain things, it's better to keep quiet. As usual, you wanted to show the world how super great you are but this time, you totally failed! And as said in one of my posts above, I didn't start this in the first place and don't like it either. But if someone blames me for bugs that are non-existant you can be sure I fire back!
2007-08-16 10:45

18. StingRay writes

Oh btw, what's it with your secret love affair with Rob Northen? (Sorry Rob ;D)
Apparently you believe the only one in the world who is/was able to code a good loader was Mr.Northen. It is a good loader, no doubt, but if that means in your
world there can't be any better you again show how much of a newbie you are.
But then again, you seem to like to be dependent on others so nothing new here.
I don't claim my loader is any better than Rob Northen's but it works (for me, if others have problems with it they are free to post them here and I'll try to fix them) and it comes with source so whoever wants to use it can adapt it to his/her needs. And again, for you dear Codetapper, this is NOT meant as a tutorial about loader coding (You should write one because you are an expert in that area, at least when I judge your comments I have to think that), it is a loader that anyone can use, nothing more and nothing less. I don't claim it is bugfree either. So, thank you Codetapper that I had to write such boring disclaimer now.
2007-08-16 11:11

19. Codetapper writes

It is pointless to reinvent the wheel. There is a perfectly good loader out there by Rob, used in over 500 games so why not use it? Spend your time doing something useful, like writing a game rather than another loader! You also wanted to rewrite the equivalent of WHDLoad, again I don't see the point.

And just remember it was you that started all this crap with your stupid comments in that tutorial about checksums.
2007-08-16 12:32

20. TCB writes

2007-08-16 15:35

21. StingRay writes

I second TCB and Galahad

-YAWN- :)

Just one last note to Codetapper, don't twist the facts, YOU started this crap with your utterly unqualified comments on EAB. Everyone can check that and see your utterly clueless posts there as well. Like you blamed me for a workaround I had to code for a slave because of a limitation in WHDLoad and you also had nothing better to do than to boast how "it's a quality fix" I made even though you didn't have ANY clue what you were talking about. You are just someone with an ?berego, too bad your skills don't match your ego. But go on, try to impress the world with your "experience", meanwhile I laugh a bit about your "qualified" comments.:) That's my last word about this. And before you tell me what I should do with my time you should better get some books about 68k coding so next time you can flame better. :-)
2007-08-16 20:45

22. Codetapper writes

Well 300 odd WHDLoad installs shows I know what I'm doing, you've still only released a single fix so it's a bit of a joke to say I don't know what I'm doing.

Nice icon in the Pango install btw. Quality. Must have spent hours on that default JPEG icon.
2007-08-16 21:50

23. StingRay writes

Haha you are so ridiculous dear Codetapper, complaining about an icon which was not even done by me. Oh dear.. So, dear Codetapper, how many of your installs could you have done without Mr.Larmer's Copylock decoder? And about this "I know what I am doing", you don't know ANYTHING except for how to talk BS, sad but true. Remember my Jonathan install? You slagged it off even though you didn't have any clue at all what you were talking about. And the best proof that you don't know anything is this thread, may I remind you a bit?

1. "From the parameters it looks like you can load data from any offset, but in fact you're forced to load on track boundaries." Codetapper, showing how much he knows.

2. "the MFM buffer is too small" Codetapper again showing how much he knows
(still my absolute favourite, pure/poor comedy gold ;))

3. "it won't work in many cases where the first valid data is quite far into the MFM buffer." Codetapper, again showing how much he knows.

4. "You have outdone yourself StingRay" Again, pure comedy gold, considered who wrote that. ;)

Yes Codetapper, you REALLY know what you are doing, I bow down. How does it feel to complain about an icon? Even I didn't think you could go THAT low. Congratulations, Codetapper. :)
2007-08-16 22:14

24. TCB writes

Guys - as much as this is amusing to read, but you both have some serious issues :) Here are 2 adults debating about performing the art of cracking 20-year old software. If you want a real competition, make it measurable. E.g. you both make some time available (say 48hrs) and at a set time, a jury of your peers will give you an original that you need to:
- Crack & fix future-proof
- Train with as many options you can come up with
- Make a hd-version

Along with the original, your jury shall outline the rules & the targets to be achieved (e.g. the specs of the machine it will need to work on)

If you both accept the challenge, I shall consult with some of the honorable ex-crackers on here and elsewhere on what original to give you + determine the targets.

All we need then is a timing. First guy to come up with the 3 requested items, wins the contest. The catch is in the trainer though -- more options, more bonus-points.

I shall await your responses.
2007-08-16 22:28

25. StingRay writes

Thank you TCB, I already offered such a challenge to Codetapper. ;) But as he is just someone with a big mouth and absolutely no skills he declined the offer. Make of that what you will. I won't offer such challenge again because I don't need any more proof that it would be wasted time. And it's not me who has issues here, if you check this thread you'll see who of us desperately wants to find something to blame on me even if it's something as ridiculous as an icon. ;)
But I agree, it is indeed entertaining, I still can't stop laughing about all this. If he would be a man, he would admit that he was wrong but that's something he won't ever do. Thus, I won't reply to him in this thread anymore because it is getting boring already. He has no arguments, he knows it but he's still boasting. So may he boast till the end of time, I will come back to this thread whenever I need some good laugh. ;)
2007-08-17 02:05

26. Codetapper writes

StingRay: Do you think the 300 odd installs I have released installed themselves? No skills, my arse.

I declined your offer because you made it into a pointless exercise. You wanted to rewrite WHDLoad and make a cracktro. You have probably made 50 cracktros in advance and I admit I haven't made any, so that's a ridiculous thing to add to a challenge. As for writing a HD installer without WHDLoad, I told you that was also an exercise in stupidity as there is an amazing tool out there that does all the annoying stuff for you and lets you concentrate on the actual game.

As for CopylockDecoder, if you actually bothered to look, you would see all the code I added to the tool! I am a co-author for gods sake. I suppose all my changes were made automatically by the same process that installed the 300 games?

The point about the icon was it shows your work is sloppy. I am a perfectionist, and don't like to release anything that has bugs. An installer without basic version checks, accesses to exec, access faults, then the final release doesn't even have an icon made from the games graphics = Sloppy.
2007-08-17 09:10

27. stu writes

soo whos up for a beer ? heh
2007-08-17 23:16

28. TCB writes

-sigh- I tried! :)
2007-08-17 23:34

29. mr.spiv writes

Having one just now.. cheers!
2007-08-19 21:01

30. scenex writes

very entertaining indeed :)
thanks for sharing your work StingRay
codetapper please criticize in a more constructive way