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Category: FlashtrosDreamcast
Submitted by: musashi9
Date: 2010-08-06 09:10
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2010-08-06 09:22

1. WayneK writes

I enjoyed making this one, and I still love that Radix tune despite hearing it approximately 500,000 times during the development of this intro (no debugging, had to just send the exe over serial to the DC and hope it didn't crash...again... :) ).
Thanks for converting it M9 - memories! :)
2010-08-06 09:38

2. rvh writes

Awesome music,logo and dotball of course! Love this one. :-X
2010-08-06 09:40

3. newton writes

really nice work waynek (and m9). good to see a console intro that actually takes advantadge of the superior hardware.
2010-08-06 13:37

4. Serpent writes

Yeah, great music of course and nice intro overall, there's something in the scroller movement i don't like though..
2010-08-06 14:13

5. janer 1 writes

i love it wayne :) ... i had this one infront of ILLBLEED (wich was a lousy game) .. and yes this tune is very nice..also the rest ofcourse..little story about my dreamcast back hten.. i was on holliday and ..ä love with some bulgarian beauty.. this was reason enuff for my ex girlfriend to DESTROY (an i mean DESTROY) my beloved console :( hehehe..good times,bad times..
2010-08-06 15:45

6. plagueis writes

I'm so glad to see this one on here, and now the Dreamcast section really has something great. I have this one in front of Unreal Tournament with a different tune I'm pretty sure. If you look in it with a hex editor, WK has a secret message for the would be reverse engineer...

Great Flashtro M9, but to truly appreciate this intro of course it looks best on the original hardware! But thanks to this site, it will last many years into the future.
2010-08-06 15:46

7. proton writes

Great tro. Choon kixx ass.
2010-08-06 18:25

8. twoflower writes

very is the music i like to hear inmorning during shower... :)
2010-08-06 20:51

9. mr.spiv writes

A great one I must say! Good job both WK & M9.. I really like the zooming stuff and scroller going behind/front of the logo etc.
2010-08-07 11:32

10. axis/cascade writes

top intro all in all.. like this one !!
2010-08-10 06:55

11. scheisslogin writes

nice stuff wk! what's the name of the mod by radix?
2010-08-11 17:47

12. WayneK writes

The song is called "Happy Sundays". His mod "Happier Sundays" is quite similar (surprise!) and also a great tune - I used it in a trainermenu I made for Echelon, but the menu was never used :(
2010-08-11 19:02

13. boot writes

I like the sin scroll and dot sphere ;) Oldschool rules ! ;)
2010-08-18 08:15

14. daison writes

2010-10-07 15:58

15. sns writes

alala j'avais jamais vu le resultat, mon logo a été croppé a la porc et y a pas d'antialias :p sur une tv 50hz scintillante ca devait rendre mieux j'espere!
Reply to comment #15
2015-08-10 14:43

16. sim writes

Oh yes, more french please.... ;) But seriously - your logo is really good looking.
2010-10-18 20:02

17. p0p writes

I love this :D
Just the name ECHELON warms my heart - and I love the music too!
2011-05-18 08:01

18. Morden writes

Wow ... Talk about bringing back the memories. You're not the only one who has listened to this tune a million times over, Wayne. Radix is the best.
2011-11-22 23:02

19. sim writes

Really like this one!!!
2012-01-11 11:35

20. Fun writes

ECHELON fucking rocks.
2012-01-11 19:11

21. FrankMorr writes

Very cool!
2012-10-15 11:55

22. DeaTure writes

Very nice intro WK, never seen it before as i never owned a DC till recently :) I coded a intro myself for the DC which was never used and I really loved how easy it was to develop for
2012-10-15 16:19

23. WayneK writes

Yes Deature, DC was really a nice machine (libs/architecture) to make stuff for - the only problem was testing code via serial cable, which was really a painful process (especially when you make as many coding errors as I do!).

2012-10-16 20:53

24. pmc writes

Beautiful intro and no laziness in evidence here, eh Wayne? :D Just great. :)
2012-10-17 06:44

25. cewlout writes

Would love to see PS3 cracktros.. any1 ? ;-)
2012-10-18 10:27

26. DeaTure writes

Wayne, I had access to one of those DDH units so it made it all much easier, I can really imagine playing around with the serial cable would be a painful affair. 
2014-05-28 20:51

27. mc217 writes

fucking gooosebumps!!!!!!!!!
2015-08-10 10:23

28. sim writes

Once again - really cool one. One of the best on the DC... WK, is the priority-logo-font effect done by hardware or you coded it?
Reply to comment #28
2015-08-10 19:09

29. WayneK writes

Hardware, just done by setting opacity to 50% on the logo and having a sinelist for the Z (depth) values of the chars in the scroller - then sit back and let the DC hw/libs do everything for you :)
Reply to comment #29
2015-08-11 13:11

30. sim writes

Awww. Thank you. Wonderfull stuff one could have done in its HW... Have you been using "Katana SDK"? D'ye have the sources sowehere? Any intro on the DC. Is it possible to share it? I wish I had a DC back in tha daze... But well. BTW. Ha! Recently bought 2 DCs to paint the cases ^^. The project is still opened =).
Reply to comment #30
2015-08-11 16:03

31. WayneK writes

I do actually still have the source to this intro (thanks to M9 who helped me recover it + some GBC/GBA stuff from an unreadable backup CD). It's not very interesting, but if you do actually want it PM me your email address and I'll send it over Sim. Sadly all my PSX stuff was unrecoverable (not that it was good, but I did a lot more on PSX than DC) :(
Reply to comment #31
2015-08-11 23:00

32. sim writes

Some CDs can be read only on the OLD CD readers. On those which were around the very same time the CDs were burnt. I recovered some CD too, in this way. PS. PM sent.
2015-08-11 13:45

33. Lordee writes

Dreamcast scene days were fun and one of many reasons is this really great intro! WK & Radix killer combo! And by the way, the credits state that the logo is from someone at CONART, that's a graffiti street wear brand. Echelon had all the hook-ups!
Reply to comment #33
2015-08-11 15:10

34. sim writes

The logo was done by a french dude Sensei (sns).
Reply to comment #34
2015-08-12 00:16

35. Lordee writes

That would be Senser (of SAC) and he mainly did Ascii (Mode7 used an NFO he made) but not a lot of pixel graphics. I saw the 'sns' comment above but wasn't sure it ended up on the right intro, as the credits are saying something else. Still, could be his... shrug. He definitely made a logo used in Paradox intros though.
Reply to comment #35
2015-08-12 00:46

36. sim writes

Sensei/Senser... mixed this up ;). Yup, the same dude. I had somewere the pencil-sketch of this logo as well as some other ones (the PDX you mentioned above too). Yes, he also did/was making some ascii, IIrc. Dunno, why WK credited that dude he did. May be it was his second nick.?.. Does not metter now...
Reply to comment #36
2015-08-12 09:31

37. WayneK writes

I had no contact with the artist back then, I was simply sent the logo as a TGA (I think!) and told on IRC who drew it, so that is who I credited in the intro! If it's wrong, blame Ennay :)
Reply to comment #37
2015-08-12 13:57

38. Lordee writes

We'll solve this one day! Whoever did it, it's a really nice graff logo and still readable.
Reply to comment #38
2015-08-12 16:47

39. sim writes

Personally I prefer wildstyle (not from the movie) or not-easy-to-read new school.
Reply to comment #39
2017-01-31 23:13

40. sns writes

The credits are correct, I just used a different nickname to release the gfx... "con'art" was supposed to means "connard" in French, translation of "dumbass". just for the story the full gfx was different you can see it at if you want... WayneK did you had contacts with volkor and magician lord both intro coders for kal & ech ? I know them very well since 15 years and used to meet them a lot in Paris back in the times... Peace oldschool friends :)
2015-08-11 16:59

41. sachy writes

I still see this one quite often :) Still having 2 DCs, one stock and one modded (VGA, BIOS, SD/CF cards). My fav. console ever... And the intro - is just perfect! Kudos to WK!
Reply to comment #41
2015-08-12 17:21

42. WayneK writes

That sounds awesome, I still have my DC somewhere in a box. The only extra hardware I have is a fast serial card (an old ISA card for PC made by some guys called Double Dutch Designs or something like that?), but I'm not sure I could even find the PC it was installed in these days!
2015-08-30 18:16

43. WayneK writes

Another fun fact: I supplied this original! This was only possible because it was already 6 months old by the time I got it (from a bargain bin in GAME, £10!)... noone had released it because it was too big to fit on CD, and required a lot of work by Echelon's cracker to pack/relink stuff to fit. That is why the comment "when the rest just didn't have what it takes" in the scrolltext :)
Reply to comment #43
2015-08-30 18:18

44. WayneK writes

Also, I melted my DC drive-lid ripping this game. Since Echelon didn't trust me enough to give me the modified firmware used to rip most games, I had to rip it using a DC program that dumped the image across serial cable to PC... sadly this took about 8 hours, so I left it running and went out to do real life stuff. When I came back the DC lid was all warped/crooked and the machine was so hot you could have boiled an egg on it.
Reply to comment #44
2015-08-30 19:57

45. Phantasm writes

Great story. DC was an awesome machine. I would have liked to have been more active on some of the consoles. I had a DC serial cable and did some very simple coding but never really got anywhere. I did make a ISO dummying tool for PC but i had left the scene quite some time ago by then. The DC scene looked cool even though it was just a small number of groups.
Reply to comment #45
2015-08-31 16:52

46. mr.spiv writes

hehe.. I was planning a re-entry to scene early 2000s (was living in Japan those days).. made a hard decision between DC and NGPC -> ended up investing to NGPC + dev stuff but eventually drifted to do all "scene'ish" things on GP32 and GBA ;-) Weird..
Reply to comment #46
2015-08-31 17:11

47. WayneK writes

I never bothered with GP32, but NGPC was a fantastic little console. Such a shame SNK removed it from sale and basically folded after only a few months - it completely kicked GBC's arse in the technical department.
Reply to comment #46
2015-09-01 21:20

48. Phantasm writes

What happened with your plan to re-enter the scene then?
Reply to comment #48
2015-09-01 22:15

49. mr.spiv writes

Well.. I hang around in GP32 folks for several years (kinda scene that was as well) and did some weirdo stuff on GBA/NGC/Pokemon mini.. I think I was in TRSI that time for a short while ;)