Genesis - Duotris

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Category: FlashtrosC64
Author: TStorm
Submitted by: TStorm
Date: 2012-04-02 08:45
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2012-04-02 08:49

1. pmc writes

A really sweet one - great stuff :)
2012-04-02 09:01

2. Bilbs writes

Fantastic. I love these C64 intros that I never saw the first time around.
2012-04-02 09:55

3. WayneK writes

That's a nice intro, I like the colour-ram wobbly sine thing on the logo!
How is the "Intro by Frankieghost" movement behind the PRESENTS sprites done? Some VIC trick or just a few animated tiles?!
2012-04-02 11:55

4. janer 1 writes

great one again (as nearly always the stuff from frankieghost) nice axel f conversion ..only this font was never a fav from me..
2012-04-02 13:00

5. TStorm writes

@WayneK: No, no special VIC tricks like FLDs or split rasters or anything similar. "presents" are actually screen+char combo and "intro by frankieghost" are 7 sprites (3 chars per sprite) animated this way, with a priority switched to background (behind all other screen elements).
2012-04-02 13:42

6. Enzymer writes

You beat me to it TStorm ;)

Anyway, i don't like this intro that much, as i think it's a mess. Too much going on and with no general flow in it. Just take the chars colors and graphics, just plain ugly. Logo and effect is the best of it. Music remix is ok, but original is way better.
2012-04-03 14:19

7. Annatar writes

Anyway, i don't like this intro that much, as i think it's a mess. Too much going on and with no general flow in it.
Sir, that is considered one of the best intros ever made on C=64, and the design is very similar to this masterpiece:

The only thing spoiling this otherwise great design is the "INTRO BY FRANKIEGHOST" - the font does not fit the overall design, and the stretching was a bad idea. Frankieghost should have never put it in like that in the first place. What he should have done instead is "INTRO BY FRANKEGHOST" during relocation after the [SPACE] bar is pressed, like Excel of IKARI usually did. Works best and is very effective.

Translation of the German portion of the scroll text:
...When I think that there might be a god, who looks at all this slaying and killing and atrocities of wars from above, who could prevent all of that... it makes me want to spit in the middle of his nondescript face !
2012-04-03 19:44

8. TStorm writes

@Annatar: Actually, he did put "INTRO BY FRANKIEGHOST" during reloc. But, yes, I agree he should have either put those sprites somewhere else - in, say, opened lower border or not at all.

And thanx for the translation.
2012-04-05 12:22

9. Enzymer writes

Annatar: That Sphinx intro is nothing out of the ordinary!
2012-04-05 18:02

10. Annatar writes

That Sphinx intro is nothing out of the ordinary!
Taking into account that the Sphinx intro is considered one of the masterpieces of craftsmanship on the C=64, I would be interested, indeed, most curious to learn of C=64 intros You consider to be good, let alone masterpieces?
2012-04-07 06:07

11. AwesomeTony writes

Awesome introremake, there's way better c-64 intros but it is still a cool one.. A good and solid Group back in the days, nowadays only a bunch of Lamers, rookies and wannabe Sceners. imho. ;)
2012-04-07 08:16

12. TStorm writes

I have to disagree with you, AwesomeTony. I know only couple of todays G*P members, but they are far from lame and go waaay back in the days. Maybe it's just the quality of todays C64 games...