Excalibur - Duotris

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Category: FlashtrosC64
Author: TStorm
Submitted by: TStorm
Date: 2012-03-04 12:27
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2012-03-04 13:42

1. Enzymer writes

Another Commodore 64 gem :)

Thanks so much for this TStorm :D
2012-03-04 14:04

2. pmc writes

I like the stuttering scrollers and I love the music - SID stuff is just so cool. I can't quite make my mind up about the lightning on the logos though...

Great coversion - keep them coming :)
2012-03-04 14:40

3. proton writes

Cant remeber if the logo lighning was more synchronal with the beat on the original???

But a good cracktro indeed.
2012-03-04 15:10

4. WayneK writes

Those classic offset/stuttering scrollers were always a favourite of mine, and I like the tune but I can't say I really like the logo gfx or font that much... that said, always like to see c64 stuff so keep it going TStorm :)
2012-03-04 16:51

5. Annatar writes

WORD!!! Yesss!!! One of the best dual scrollers ever!!!

This intro is Swiss quality at its finest... It's fascinating: how does a Swiss group (Crazy) get to do intros for a (then) startup project in the U.S.A.? It's really cool how they worked together.
2012-03-04 17:03

6. Annatar writes

Recollection online:
X-Factor, a very ambitious coder from Idaho (USA) and a member of the group Rampar, sought out The Mind Slayer to be his teacher. On the telephone, over many long hours and many games, The Mind Slayer gave thorough instructions to X-Factor how to fix. They talked on the telephone and loaded up the same games on their computers. The Mind Slayer gave step by step instructions to X-Factor how to fix the games. X-Factor absorbed much knowledge about fixing. X-Factor was a most ambitious scener. He would sometimes go without sleep for 48 hours, in his quest for greatness.
In December of 1989, Excalibur emerged as a new group in the scene. Importing took on a whole new level of competition. X-Factor, armed with his mastery of NTSC fixing, skilled coding and experience of group dynamics during his experiences within Rampar, he was able to lead Excalibur to a powerful level in the scene. The competition for games functioning on both PAL and NTSC began.

During a period of massive quantities of quality games being cracked in Europe, Exodus and Excalibur collided viciously in a competition of importing and NTSC fixing. The Dominators were the major suppliers of cracks to Exodus. Legend was the main supplier of cracks to Excalibur.

One of the biggest fix disputes between Exodus and Excalibur was over the release of Rainbow Islands. Exodus released the game twice, due to a bug in the first release. Neither version was fixed correctly. The Excalibur version was fixed completely.

X-Factor spent an obsessive amount of time scening. Being a perfectionist, he always worked hard at making his releases come as close to perfection as he felt was possible. His obsession with perfection quickly burned him out and he departed from the scene in 1990.
2012-03-04 19:17

7. Mr.Spiv writes

Very nice SID.. and a great blast of scene history from Annatar ;)
2012-03-05 10:35

8. janer 1 writes

nice and wellknown one ! there are other nice excalibur ones and i am very glad to see more c64 stuff here .. i also love those scrollers here