Fantastic Four - Footballer of the Year 2

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Category: FlashtrosC64
Author: TStorm
Submitted by: TStorm
Date: 2012-03-02 22:53
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2012-03-02 23:19

1. WayneK writes

F4CG strike again! Nice enough (and fairly standard) intro for the time on c64, love all those logo-swinging intros :)
2012-03-02 23:41

2. Annatar writes

This was one of the better intros in that time, and pretty obscure F4CG production. Love everything about it. It's so clean. Two scrollers - hell yeah!

Hey TSt, are you still in F4CG?

By the way, why were two scrollers like the one above not common on Amiga?
2012-03-02 23:47

3. Annatar writes

Speaking of dual scrollers... how about converting this one next:

Those scrollers are so great... I just have to code them on Amiga someday. I've been meaning to do it for years.
2012-03-03 07:46

4. pmc writes

This is another nice one. Swinging logos are always cool and these are nice. I like the font on the scrollers. Is it just my ears or is the music a conversion of something from the game Double Dragon?

Annatar: coding scrollers like that on Amiga, or even replicating the whole cracktro, would be very straightforward. You should definitely code them. :)
2012-03-03 08:49

5. TStorm writes

@Annatar: That one's definately on the list. Along with the Genesis one after it (on the same release - Duotris).

@pmc: The SID is 'Double Dragon' by Charles Deenen, indeed.
2012-03-03 10:29

6. Enzymer writes

TStorm: you for sure know how to please a man ;)
2012-03-03 13:31

7. Mr.Spiv writes

There is something magical on the style C64 logos were made.. good stuff again.
2012-03-03 13:49

8. proton writes

Yeah baby F4CG! And what a stormer SID! DOUBLE DRAGON! I can listen to this tune all day:-)
2012-03-03 16:02

9. janer 1 writes

another great one from the sexy c64 :) keep em coming
2012-03-05 19:30

10. juz400 writes

LOVE this tune!
As janer1 says: Keep Em Coming!! :D

I love a good history lesson! How big was the C64 scene in its heyday compared to the Amiga?
Obviously there were ALOT more 64`s sold, was the USA a big software producer in comparison to
Europe? I know the Apple II was a Huge seller in the states so there must have been soft to
convert to 64..
2012-05-23 20:55

11. Annatar writes

I love a good history lesson! How big was the C64 scene in its heyday compared to the Amiga?
Big; so big in fact, that a lot of the people were either unwilling or unable to transition to Amiga.

To be sure, the C=64 intros and piracy had a profound influence on all the popular platforms of the day, an influence so deep and powerful that it is preserved in large part on the PC scene today. The only thing that was "dropped" was linking the intro or the trainer to the binary executable, which in my opinion is stupid. Intros should not be optional, and they should be linked to the executable, whether we are on the PC or Windows or no, makes no difference.

Back to the Amiga versus C=64, the Amiga programming model, where the binary executables had to be relocatable and the memory dynamically allocated, and where there was no fixed video memory was such a different model of programming that a lot of C=64 coders either did not like it, or did not get it.

Even for someone who grew up on a system like the Amiga, a lot of these concepts did not fully make sense until one understood programming on UNIX, where there is no such thing as static memory regions and where everything is dynamic, relocatable and multiuser. It is too bad that the Amiga designers did not forge ahead with Amiga/UX instead of AmigaOS and did not add an MMU early in the hardware design phase.
2014-04-05 20:02

12. ZeSmasher/F4cg writes

intro by ADF/F4cg (R.I.P.!), crack by MAO/F4cg (R.I.P.!)... I feel sad again...