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Category: FlashtrosAtari-ST
Author: Goonzy
Submitted by: musashi9
Date: 2011-01-28 11:33
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2011-01-28 14:35

1. janer 1 writes

scoopexlike logo at the beginning looks nice..also the scroller is good... but the tune is ugly
2011-01-28 22:01

2. WayneK writes

That logo is definitely cut/pasted from the Uno SCOOPEX logo (look at the "T" in this, it's a cut-off "C" from the SCX logo...) - but I can't really complain too much since I ripped off the same original logo for a GBC intro once *cough*
Intro isn't too bad, a better scrollfont + tune would have improved it a lot!
2011-01-28 22:44

3. mr.spiv writes

Nice intro actually.. except for the zik. The logo is a copy-with-pride and the vertical copper thing reminds quite a bit one silents intro (which also had a sinus scroller) but that's what the scene was.. few good ideas and a lot of "variations" heh :D
2011-01-29 12:45

4. proton writes

I don`t get warm with those ST tros?
Mostly they seem to be jerky and woody
And the ST mostly makes my ears puke.

btw: Tune sounds fucked up after the first loop.
2011-01-29 18:30

5. chanel writes

mixed from vindicator game or trantor this tunes ???
2011-01-30 15:03

6. Freddo writes

Special Atari ST Nostalgia intro from NoExtra.
Original Atari ST intro on pouet :
Original logo intro from Sccopex :

Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks !

Thank you Eric !
2011-02-04 22:08

7. Annatar writes

That is one ugly intro... and SCOOPEX logo by Uno has been butchered. The tune is a disaster. The Copper-like effect is hard on readability.

The dude can definitely code... but his sense of design sucks.
2011-02-06 14:55

8. Freddo writes

>From Annatar : "The dude can definitely code... but his sense of design sucks."
Looks like a remake versus Atari and Amiga. Hey pseudo "truc", you are out of time !!!
You can now landed with your flying saucer :)))))
2015-07-02 10:58

9. wal writes

Atari ST spirit presented with Uno's logo type. The sounds on Atari ST (AY-synth) are interesting.
Reply to comment #9
2015-07-08 17:20

10. SIRIaX writes

That is exactly what I thought, representing the "Atari Spirit" with a rip-off of uno's scoopex logo and an overall rip-off of an amiga vision factory intro. Lame job.