Elite & Atari Legend

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Category: FlashtrosAtari-ST
Submitted by: musashi9
Date: 2011-01-05 01:44
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2011-01-05 08:50

1. axis/cascade writes

like the jumping logo and the colours... music is ok!like the graffiti font of the scroller! good intro,too!
2011-01-05 16:53

2. WayneK writes

The letters for the "ELiTE" logo are very nice, from a bigsprite resetdemo in some famous ST demo that I can't remember the name of (ELECTRA demo maybe?), but the scrollfont is kind of ugly (and spaced badly to make it much easier to scroll... extra blank word on the end of each letter, lazy coding! :P )...
2011-01-05 20:19

3. plagueis writes

Yeah, nice logo art, but I could have done without the animated sprite eye over the "I", since it was upper case...same height as the capital letters, and no need for a dotted "i". But the fill on those rocks.

The scroller fonts would have been cool to me too except for the spacing anomolies mentioned by Wayne. After coding a proportional scroller on the c64, I know there's no excuse for not including extra complexity to handle multiple width fonts.
2011-01-05 21:28

4. mr.spiv writes

Very OK intro. Big ass sprites are always cool.
2011-01-07 04:44

5. prime_evil writes

nice tune!
2011-01-09 00:09

6. bLAZER writes

The music is nice, the rest is meh... when the music loops the first sound is corrupt, bug in the ym-player?
2011-01-09 14:15

7. Freddo writes

Intro by Noextra for Atari Legend.
Original code by Nikademus/Zuul - Big logo by Red/Omega - Scroll fonts by Spaz/TLB - Music by Lap/Next.
Little story : at the beginning, mister Marcer from Elite/AL/etc. send me the original version ...
Poiet link : http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=53450