Alpha Flight - Intro Designer

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Submitted by: musashi9
Date: 2016-08-26 01:57

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2016-08-26 03:48

1. mr.spiv writes

The zik is killer, of course. Sinus scrollers always make me wet.. but the curve here is just sad :(
2016-08-26 12:04

2. SIRIaX writes

...actually one of the better afl intros and this only because of the nice music. Perhaps because it was made by Dual Crew? However, disfiguring the only effect the way they did (and I am talking scroller here as well) makes it to another rather sad appearance by afl again. I ask myself who approved their intros before release?!
2016-08-29 21:54

3. Madj writes

For me, this music is deeply linked to the SR Magic Line cracktro, so there is no comparison. Very poor cracktro (ugly colors) although scroll is smooth, but nothing original. A starfield and 2 cooperbars could have helped
2016-08-31 14:46

4. pmc writes

Such a cool tune. Can't go much wrong with a sine scroller although somehow (and take this from someone who's personally coded at least one that suffers from the same problem) I don't like the sine wave used vs. the speed of the scroll.