Paradox - Super Off Road

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Submitted by: musashi9
Date: 2015-12-16 16:41

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2015-12-16 19:14

1. SIRIaX writes

The mother of all dis-tro's \o/
2015-12-16 23:03

2. sim writes

For me, apart of the music this one SUXX! Yep, all the PDX dudes, you read it right. And still it's a classic.
2015-12-17 06:56

3. pmc writes

All time classic - takes me back to my bedroom all those years ago watching this for a while each time I booted up for a game of Super Off Road. Great stuff.
2015-12-17 11:58

4. WayneK writes

Do you feel it Angels? An all-time classic, there was no coming back from this one for Angels... And I agree with Sim, the music isn't good, ie: I would never choose to listen to this tune on it's own, but it really suits the intro - would this intro be as famous if it had used the Bubble Bobble theme? :)
Reply to comment #4
2016-02-19 16:30

5. Loki writes

I think he meant that everything "except" the music suxx :) ... well, great track indeed! Having been neutral then with limited knowledge what triggered this mess, I still have to say that this was powerful medicine to influence the masses indeed .... call it Marketing excellence or brainwash if you will. Angels suddenly became one of the un-coolest thing to be associated with. I never liked PDX that much but this intro is cool. GFX also looks great ... Logo is soso but the animation rules. Not only be "fitting" and original ... must be around 20-40hz
Reply to comment #4
2015-12-19 11:00

6. Annatar writes

...But the tune is a classic on its own, on Commodore64! Technically, back in the day, this was an achievement, as they "ported" a tune from a completely different architecture to (Deltamusic? on) Amiga... considering it had to be made from scratch on Amiga, it must have been hard...
2015-12-17 17:44

7. scheisslogin writes

looks very cool in html 5/ canvas. thx m9 for this one. we want more xmas presents! Original tune was composed in 1989 (?) by Thomas Detert on c64 (Demo Demon Tune 2) and used f.e. in the Game TUSG. i had it in my c64 all time favourite tunes list. song called fcs-intro theme.
Reply to comment #7
2016-02-19 14:13

8. Annatar writes

Yeah, that's it, "Demo Demon"! Wow, impressive that you know this.
Reply to comment #7
2015-12-19 18:19

9. sim writes

FCS... Are you refering to Fantasy Cracking Service? As for Thomas Detert/X-A. Well... what one can say - a genious? The c64 original tune is, imo, less morbid, has a deeper theme and a dynamism...
2015-12-17 19:05

10. newton writes

I acknowledge that it is a classic, but the animation is rough, the font and logo are ugly and the credits are atrocious. I like the Music though :-)
Reply to comment #10
2015-12-19 18:04

11. sim writes

Yes, the animation is rude(!), the credits are fugly and the logo - with coder colours. In fact, one must not forget the scene (history) factor in this intro. This one has it. It was very often ppl (back in the days rather young kids) were quite arrogant and, in the limits - unpleasant. PDX was well organised as a group, with a success - thus a certain arrogancy, me thinx (coming also from another factor too...). Now - we can, or should at least, watch this with a certain distance. I imagine sometimes it is not quite possible. For me - neither (sometimes ;).
2016-01-10 09:17

12. serpent_brs^dsr writes

Original SID tune is "Future City" by Superbrain (Markus Müller) from 1987. Used in GCF demo