Quadlite - Fast Em

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Category: FlashtrosAmiga
Submitted by: musashi9
Date: 2015-07-26 08:17

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2015-07-26 08:19

1. musashi9 writes

Would this fit on a bootblock?
Reply to comment #1
2015-07-26 10:18

2. mr.spiv writes

It says 4K so not as-is.. With some recoding I would say it fits ;) I hope you are not setting up a challenge now.. heh. Anyway, nice intro. Never seen this before. Very cool for its time. These guys were way ahead most of the folks.
2015-07-26 11:41

3. WayneK writes

Nice zoomer, but you can count me out of the bootblock challenge - I'm not even 100% sure how this is done :P
Reply to comment #3
2015-07-26 19:21

4. mr.spiv writes

Multiple ways.. EOR or just conventional blitter filling. Won't compete since I got other stuff to do now ;)
Reply to comment #3
2015-07-26 11:58

5. aLpHa oNe writes

I did some zooming scroller with using the copper for y stretch and processor for the x range , works fine on A500. I will upload the next days, source is really short
2015-07-27 01:25

6. -TCB!- writes

Never saw this but I like a lot both as a very small intro but this could also be used as the basis for a more 'complete' intro...
2015-07-28 15:50

7. pmc writes

Wish this one had a tune but even without one I like it.
2015-10-31 15:45

8. Subzero writes

story about: Fast'em has been supplied by me, and has been stolen by the company i worked for, besides this, the whole code of fastem was stolen, from XCOPY, thats all about ;) cheers