Flashtro - Sqrxz 3

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Category: FlashtrosAmiga
Submitted by: musashi9
Date: 2015-07-19 12:26
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2015-07-19 12:45

1. sachy writes

Yeah, mighty Flashtro r0x da bl0ck again! Cool menu, msx, release - gr8 job A1!
2015-07-19 14:05

2. SIRIaX writes

Damn, that was quick! I actually just woke up and saw the release on the web and thought that a trainer would be nice. There it is, excellent job! Lightspeed deliveries so to say =D
2015-07-19 14:11

3. proton writes

Flashtro cru alive and kickin!
2015-07-19 15:31

4. WayneK writes

That was really fast, looks like a nice trainer too. Hats off to Alpha One, those of us slacking salute you :)
2015-07-19 17:46

5. ZEROblue writes

Good looking intro! I like the Commodore 64 touch on the text scroller :)
2015-07-19 18:28

6. mr.spiv writes

Great stuff again!! Nice intro! Gotta return to cubes.. mmm... <3
2015-07-19 22:33

7. Loki writes

Owns !! ... you guys are indeed productive recently, keep them coming! :D
2015-07-20 00:45

8. -TCB!- writes

I think I am going to re-open my BBS with all these releases lately...
2015-07-20 08:58

9. Madj writes

Flashtro won again the race, before FLT, SR... :-) Cool prod, love the music. About the cube effect : was it the first object done in 3D in migas prods ? I suppose it was the "simpliest" one to begin with at that time ? with pyramid maybe.. Does someone know who released 3D objects at first ?
Reply to comment #9
2015-07-21 08:23

10. sim writes

Not easty to answer cause the memory starts to serve less... DELTA/RSI did some firsties (i.e. bobs), but wire or filled cubes... Can not point it directly now. Anyone???
Reply to comment #10
2015-07-21 10:02

11. mr.spiv writes

There was filled stuff way before Delta/RSI.. for example Chatterbox/BS1 had a cool 3D bobs intro in 11/1988, 4042/Phenomena had filled vectors in their megademo in 6/89.. and so on. Line vectors date very early ;) These I remember top of my head..
Reply to comment #11
2015-07-21 10:17

12. mr.spiv writes

Ah.. forgot it.. Jabba/IT had filled 3D before Pha ;) Wahtever..
2015-07-21 08:21

13. sim writes

Great one! Beautiful cube. Althou..... It has some gfx-glitch in the lines "F1-F4", I think. Look at the "COLLISION" word in "F4" and at three dots above the "I" letter, which is also somkinda wrong.
Reply to comment #13
2015-07-21 08:25

14. musashi9 writes

thanks ,should be fixed now
Reply to comment #14
2015-07-21 08:35

15. sim writes

Hehehe... You have a speed of light, mate! Looks good now!
2015-07-21 13:15

16. sim writes

Btw, I like very much how the scroller... scrolls. ;)
2015-07-21 20:35

17. StingRay writes

Lovely trainer menu with a great tune! :) Nice and fast work by Alpha 1. :)
2015-07-23 11:26

18. stu writes

the music is awesome, great sound, another nice release. thanks Alpha One and M9. THanks again for the greets :-)
2015-07-23 17:19

19. Zeronine writes

Really nice intro. The flashing chars / different colors on the scroller are really c64 style :) very nice. I like the overall coloring too. Keep it up :)
2015-07-23 19:33

20. Lordee writes

Great release and while I haven't played the game it looks like a really perfect trainer! Sweet menu with a nice tune too! And hey, greets back! :)
2015-07-24 10:25

21. BlazeB writes

Hot warez cracked in 2015 by the Flashtro crew - RESPECT! Nice one fella's, keep up the good work :)
Reply to comment #21
2015-07-24 10:54

22. StingRay writes

There wasn't anything cracked here, game is freeware and unprotected. :)
Reply to comment #22
2015-07-24 11:55

23. BlazeB writes

LOL! - My bad! Seems I'm still living in the 90's. Hopefully Alpha1 and M9 won't have the boys in blue kicking down their doors because of my misleading comment ;)
2015-07-28 15:34

24. pmc writes

Always nice to return after being away for a while for my holidays to find that Flashtro are still ruling. Great intro - love the movement on the cube, the colours and the awesome tune.