Tristar – XR-35


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Another World

Another World/Out of this World Delphine Software For this tutorial we will need the following 1. An original disk (make a backup and always use the backup)2. The code wheel that came with your original disk3. Action Replay III CartIf you don’t have the code wheel you can use this one I created in FLASH/ […]

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Red Sector – Marias Xmas BoxDOCPatientZer0Now all is fine, thx m9
Red Sector – Marias Xmas BoxZEROblueReally great tune, "Telephone" by Karsten Obarski.
Alpha Flight – Amoeba InvadersWayneKWhat a terrible job they did of looping the sample :P
Red Sector – Marias Xmas Boxnewtonfantastic. i've never seen it before. Not as beautiful as the wow dugger intro, but nice no the less. Great...
Trilogy – Where in Europe is Carmen San diegonewtonMade by Fab for Paradox, whe n they were first tarting out. great one!
Oracle – Pipe ManianewtonAll respect to Oracle and IBM, but this is butt ugly :-)
Alpha Flight – Amoeba InvadersnewtonShut Berlin is the coolest name in Amiga history, and this a great coppergasm :-)

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