Decade – Mickey 123

Bloody Hell!

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; *******************************************************************; N.O.M.A.D. FAIRLIGHT SHORTENED RNC SECTOR LOADER FROM MORTAL KOMBAT; RIPPED AND RESOURCED BY SCENEX; SEE; ; D0 = Drive to read (on entry); D0 = Error code (on exit); D1 = Sector start; D2 = Sectors to read; D3 = Drive motor on or off after read; D4 = Serial key; A0 […]

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Another World

Another World/Out of this World Delphine Software For this tutorial we will need the following 1. An original disk (make a backup and always use the backup)2. The code wheel that came with your original disk3. Action Replay III CartIf you don’t have the code wheel you can use this one I created in FLASH/ […]

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23 Sept 1997, we were releasing the first N64 trainer ever, One year and three days after, still we are alone in the n64 training bizz, and the only one able to attach intros to roms.

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How to crack a game (Forgotten Worlds) from warp files, and what warpers do!

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Phobia Imageworks 1989 Required items 1)      Phobia (1989)(Image Works)[2225] 2)      An Amiga or WinUAE (I’m using WinUAE) 3)      Action Replay III or Rom Image. Alternatively Beermon, Thrill Kill or Cartmon. 4)      Pencil and paper 5)      Blanks, if you use a real amiga. Given that this game was cracked over twenty years ago and the cracks/SPS […]

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Bionic Commando

Bionic Commando Bionic Commando   Software Creations (Capcom) 1988   Required items   1)   Bionic_Commando_(1988)(Capcom)(US)[1074] 2)   An Amiga or WinUAE (I’m using WinUAE) 3)   X-Copy or your favorite copier. 4)   Action Replay Cartridge or your favorite monitor. 5)   ASM-One 6)   StoneCracker 7)   Pencil and paper 8)   Blanks, if you use a real Amiga.   Given […]

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Oracle – Pipe ManiaCrownMost fantastic cracktro scrolltext ever!
Legend – RampartTStormGoldfish was indeed a 'poet' of C64 scene. Always enjoyed reading his scrolltexts. Which reminds me - must dig up...
Trilogy – Where in Europe is Carmen San diegoAnnatarTrue 'dat! This is reference material. And it's a C=64 style intro with Amiga yummyness no less, professionally done.
Trilogy – Where in Europe is Carmen San diegoAnnatarTrilogy? I thought this was a PaRaDoX intro?
Alpha Flight – Amoeba InvadersAnnatarI don't think Commodore64 ever had anything so bad as Amiga intros from the '80's, not even when people were...
Alpha Flight – Amoeba InvadersAnnatarRandom SoundTracker samples piled up into patterns with horrible '80's Amiga intro design and a Dutch color scheme - MAKE...
Legend – RampartAnnatarLegendary intro from Legend, and the music is phenomenal. This intro came around in the early nineties and at the...

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