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Crystal – Zool 2

Click on the intro then ENTER KEY to exit

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Crest – Watch TowerSIRIaXlame ass trainer and fucked up text but intro is okay and music makes the deal.
Quartex – Dawn PatrolZodiacThey were only relevant in 1989 and early 1990, after that the group name was recycled by others. They were...
Another WorldgiantsOuaaa. Amasing work.
Crest – Watch TowerpmcSIRIaX & aLpHa oNe... guns for hire in the Wild West. Another one done with style. Music is so good....
Trilogy – Where in Europe is Carmen San diegoWayneKNo, but someone (me!) stole the PDX logo from their version of this intro to use in a GBC intro...
Horizon – Strider 2sachyGaston! This one is one of my all time favs... and always will be :)

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