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Parasol Stars

Phantasm 2016!Download the PDF file below

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; *******************************************************************; N.O.M.A.D. FAIRLIGHT SHORTENED RNC SECTOR LOADER FROM MORTAL KOMBAT; RIPPED AND RESOURCED BY SCENEX; SEE; ; D0 = Drive to read (on entry); D0 = Error code (on exit); D1 = Sector start; D2 = Sectors to read; D3 = Drive motor on or off after read; D4 = Serial key; A0 […]

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RoL – Dell Bypass

dwdwq Original Release!

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Another World

Another World/Out of this World Delphine Software For this tutorial we will need the following 1. An original disk (make a backup and always use the backup)2. The code wheel that came with your original disk3. Action Replay III CartIf you don’t have the code wheel you can use this one I created in FLASH/ […]

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Track Loader Prox

init:    move.w    $dff01c,oldintena    move.w    $dff01e,oldintreq    bset    #7,oldintena    bset    #7,oldintreq    move.w    #$7fff,$dff09a        ; interrupts aus.    move.w    #$7fff,$dff09c        ; ;****************************************************************     lea    $dff000,a6    lea    buffer(pc),a0    lea    mfmbuffer,a2    move.l    #$4200,d0    move.l    #$59,d1    move.l    #$0,d2    move.b    #$0,d5    jsr    TRACKLOADER ;****************************************************************     move.w    oldintena(pc),$dff09a    move.w    oldintreq(pc),$dff09c    moveq    #0,d0    rts oldintena:    dc.w    0oldintreq:    dc.w    0buffer:        blk.b    130000,0mfmbuffer:    blk.w   […]

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How to crack a game (Forgotten Worlds) from warp files, and what warpers do!

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Phobia Imageworks 1989 Required items 1)      Phobia (1989)(Image Works)[2225] 2)      An Amiga or WinUAE (I’m using WinUAE) 3)      Action Replay III or Rom Image. Alternatively Beermon, Thrill Kill or Cartmon. 4)      Pencil and paper 5)      Blanks, if you use a real amiga. Given that this game was cracked over twenty years ago and the cracks/SPS […]

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Bionic Commando

Bionic Commando Bionic Commando   Software Creations (Capcom) 1988   Required items   1)   Bionic_Commando_(1988)(Capcom)(US)[1074] 2)   An Amiga or WinUAE (I’m using WinUAE) 3)   X-Copy or your favorite copier. 4)   Action Replay Cartridge or your favorite monitor. 5)   ASM-One 6)   StoneCracker 7)   Pencil and paper 8)   Blanks, if you use a real Amiga.   Given […]

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Beach Volley

Beach Volley Ocean 1989 Required items 1) Beach_Volley_(1989)(Ocean)[1249]SPS 2) An Amiga or WinUAE (I’m using WinUAE) 3) X-Copy or your favorite copier. 4) Beermon or your favorite monitor. 5) Pencil and paper 6) Blanks, if you use a real amiga. Given that this game was cracked over twenty years ago and the cracks/SPS originals are […]

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