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Bionic Commando

Bionic Commando Bionic Commando   Software Creations (Capcom) 1988   Required items   1)   Bionic_Commando_(1988)(Capcom)(US)[1074] 2)   An Amiga or WinUAE (I’m using WinUAE) 3)   X-Copy or your favorite copier. 4)   Action Replay Cartridge or your favorite monitor. 5)   ASM-One 6)   StoneCracker 7)   Pencil and paper 8)   Blanks, if you use a real Amiga.   Given […]

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Tip Off

Tip Off © Anco What you need: 1. Original game or SPS #1551 2. A little asm experience 3. AR3 cart. In this tutorial we’ll have a look at Tip Off, which is protected with: 1. encryption called cobra x-rom system (who finds a name like that?) 2. two disk checks 3. 20 checksum routines […]

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Another simple novella protection

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cracking: 1-disking

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The Settlers

Checksums Part 2 or “How to crack The Settlers” A tutorial by StingRay written for At the end of my last tutorial about checksums I mentioned that you could try your luck with “The Settlers” as that game uses checksums too. Well, I thought it might be a good idea to write a tutorial […]

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Agile File Loader

; Disk routine (pinched from Agile – sorry guys) CIAAPRA EQU $bfe001 Cia A port register A CIABPRB EQU $bfd100 Cia B port register B CIABICR EQU $bfdd00 Cia B interrupt control register CUSTOM EQU $dff000 Custom hardware INTREQR EQU $1e Read interrupt request DSKPTH EQU $20 Disk buffer pointer DSKLEN EQU $24 Disk access […]

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Gremlins 2


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Setting up a simple copperlist + 1 Bitplane & copy a single letter onto it!

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