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I would like to start coding immediately using WinUAE, but I need to buy a few new PCs. Would it be better to build one for legacy win7/XP support, or wait for full WIn 10 compatibility on the emu?

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No idea why this shit triple posted, perhaps there was some internet lag when I tried to post. Sorry M9!

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...I should also add that prior to posting this, I did some research on the official UAE site as well as some other places/forums. It seems to me that some people have no problems with WinUAE and Win10 and other do. So obviously I can't be advised to plop down cash on a dedicated emu workstation until there is a bit of certainty regarding compatibility. Some have had success using Win7 compatibility mode, others have seen that fail. I've never had much luck with compatibility mode in the past. Perhaps a used Win7/XP box is the only practical way to go? My last 7 machine (laptop)'s video device died this week and it went into the trash bin. I've been out of coding for over a year, and so I am wondering if anyone with this knowledge would be kind enough to "enlighten" me. Thanks, and sorry if this is mundane and boring.

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AFAIK there are several people successfully running WinUAE on Win10, probably best to ask on EAB forums since there are a lot more emulator users there - can't help directly since I only have Win7 machines :)


Yeah, I checked EAB of course, and it seemed there was some ambiguity. I guess it will get worked out either way eventually on the UAE dev side of things. My last Win7 laptop's video card died last week and I tossed it in the bin. All I have right now is a Chromebook, so I'm going to buy a few PCs in the next few days...or build some. Just wondering if anyone had any sure fire setups. I can't stand having to dick around with PC bullshit when all I want to do is code and reverse on 16 and 8 bit machines. Hell, at least Win10 is going to include a $bash shell soon (for what it's worth).
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This is probably not going to be much help to you but it works fine for me under Windows 10 on my laptop. Sometimes i have to restart it when switching between certain Amiga configurations and it sometimes bombs out when i close the lid and then try to resume but other than that it seems pretty solid.


Works fine for me win 10 64bit


@M9, @Phantasm: No, please, tnx for the info as every little bit helps. One thing I am planning on picking up, is a used Win7 CF-30 Panasonic Toughbook simply because I loved the last Toughbook I had.
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