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Hello, please use this for questions on converting / ripping Amiga intros to flash or html5.

Added 24 minutes later:

Here is a little image to demonstrate  how I ported the star code over from the Amiga
The first thing to do is find the correct part of the code you need.
To do this I normally search for the MOUSE EXIT code BTST #6,BFE001 then I follow that and it normally leads me to a bunch of BSRs that are the main program loop then I NOP NOP each BSR out to see what they do.
In this intro I found the BSR to 304BE made the stars stop moving and the BSR below this cleared the STAR SCREEN and the BSR below that put the stars on the screen. So anyway I took a look at the code at 304BE and re did it in AS3. (Christian cleaned it up nicely for me! )

lea 36CC6,a0 = TABLE1
starx_speed= 304B2
stary_speed= 304B4
starz_speed= 304B6
NX = 304B8
NY = 304BA
NZ = 304BC

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