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This document describes the copy protection scheme that was used for Dungeon Master and Chaos Strikes Back on Atari ST and Amiga. These games used a very sophisticated copy protection. It took several months after the first release of Dungeon Master before the copy protection was correctly defeated, while most copy protections are defeated in a matter of hours or days by experimented hackers. That partially explains why they sold lots of copies! The main reason being, of course, that this is a great game!



Yes I remember reading about this a few years ago, it was a very well implemented protection (lots of games used weak/fuzzy bit protection, but most were stupid enough to check it directly like a Copylock check).  Having lots of checks littered throughout the game, especially a game as complex and which required lengthy playtesting as this, was definitely the way to go.

Definitely respect to anyone who cracked this 100% back in the day, with all the (lack of) available tools of the time!



agreed, It doesn't really matter what kind of protection is used per-se, Copylock, Long tracks, weak/fuzzy bits, code wheel / manual protection. It can be poorly implemented or well implemented. With larger games many checks can be hidden throughout the game and that's the game changer really. It means that you need to play through the whole game (sometimes more than once) which can take many many hours with large complex games. Many people slagged of Copylock as being rubbish - but some of the better protected games just used Copylock - its all down to the implementation.


Yup, Hook was Copylock....wasnt cracked properly. Quartexs release of Sleepwalker was Copylock and they buggered quite a simple one up, like has been said, its the implementation that is key. When i programmed Premier Manager 3 Deluxe for Gremlin, i had to use their existing code wheel protection routines and thought i would modify it to make it different enough for the would be cracker to defeat.....needless to say, no version back in the day was correctly cracked.