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Never seen this in the wild - but nice Intro...



The reason you never saw in the wild was because Chryseis decided to become Hoodlum's demo-division.  This was the result: and obviously, this did get seen in the wild :)


I am just waiting on the disassembled+commented version from WayneK so I can work out how it is done.


You don't need my help, you've done loads of rotozoomer intros before :P



Yah but they are all one way rotating zoomers. This one is a lot more complex (with the blur and colour changes) so it needs a good understanding of what the code is doing.
Never mind I thought you were up for the job but I guess not :P



Adding a little more detail: I believe it was this intro that had a ECS/AGA checker and it would use that rotozoom only on AGA machines (obviously).  So, technically you can already do the ECS-version ;)