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Should flashtro close for good?
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95.4% 125

131 Date 2013-02-14 14:19

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For a select few this site is really a big deal. You have recreated some of the magic of our youth here, and we applaud you for it.

If you ever need support do not hesitate to ask. I look forward to many years of flashtros :-)


Sir Metal


Can only agree with Twoflower. Would be great to meet you in Hamburg but I would maybe too many questions about coding :) 

Great site and so nice memories.



Closing Flashtro is out of question! Let us know how we can help and yeah leave a note if you should ever be in Singapore!! ;-)



I am just reading this thread, and although I did not realize at the time how close we all came to losing flashtro, I think I did hear about a server change.  Either way, for me, this site serves many purposes...all positive.  Nostalgia, of course, plus a meeting place for people who have been nice enough to share some very useful things about the Amiga.  Also, Inspiration for logos, music, code, and the I have even used ideas from Amiga intros in code for other platforms.  Flashtro has a nice simple clean looking interface, and if it is ever changed, I hope it either stays simple and elegant, or becomes even more minimal...leaving only the enjoyment of the intros as focus.  In these days of super "busy" web pages, It's nice to have something with focus.

Yeah, I love this site, and it has been a staple for my online enjoyment for years!!  It rules, simply because it's outwardly vibrant with a mostly close knit gang of folks who transparently radiate excitement for the Amiga and other platforms!
Intros?...I'm just here for the girls!
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