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I lost the source code to intros I coded, and I want to resource the executables.

Years ago when I was young & naive, I crunched my executables with CrunchMania, which as we know now has a bad characteristic of crashing on anything that is more advanced than a MC68020.

What are your suggestions as to decrunching? I started looking at the code, but then quickly realized that I lack the tools to even set a breakpoint... ASM-One, as awesome as it is, does not a good monitor make. I reached for Beermon, but without documentation on how to use Beermon, it too is useless to me.

Anybody have AmigaMon monitor handy? What other tools do you recommend I use? I'd rather not end up sticking NOP's in ASM-One; that I count to be in the "last resort" category.


Try this for unpacking CrunchMania files