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Fate gates of Dawn ENGLISH v1.9 (original)

Can you cracking this game and convert to normal DOS disk
and remove password protection?

This game protected with reDOS v5 filesystem
created by holger Gehrmann.

some information from this game:

Nope it does not ! and i have read the whole manual (english and french),
the authors talks about a nasty password protection system which is triggered
by a nymph during the game in a random manner. And the whole game takes up
6 megabytes of RAM if you have them right at the beginning.

Here is the wikipedia quote :

"It is notable that only the copy protection but not the password protection
was removed in these copies also because the password requests are not at the
start of the game but at some points in game repeated after some time. Just
ignoring these requests or wrong code leads not to an abrupt end but the game
becomes slowly unplayable when passwords are typed several times wrong, so that
a copy of the manual is still required."

The crack of the english version has just the disk protection removed
-> crack on 3 disks by Fusion, Phil douglas has only removed the diskprotection
by ripping datas and converted the longtrack routines to DOS. But the password
protection has not been touched since he doesn't talk about it. Same apply for
the german version.

5 guys have playtested the crack for 1 week without being able to finish it, and
it's stated that the protection only triggers far in the game....

A huge challenge me say Wanna surclass Ph Douglas ?

"But why is this hard disk installation program so slow ?
Our new reDOS 5 compressing technique allows to write over 2 Megabytes of data on
a normal double sided disk."

Manual for this game

Here is a original disk image:

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Yes i'm the one who wrote this. The manual protection is untouched, since the 5 guys that playtested the phil douglas version when he cracked it never reached the password requester

So yes the game is not fully cracked.

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It's probably still a valid challenge but given nobody has complained about it not being 100% cracked, I am assuming it must not be a very interesting game?


The problem is that this game is huge, with countless hours of game. It's almost as good as ambermoon.