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First off.. I am very sorry for reviving a really old thread. But reading through the posts I have to put my two cents on the table also:

Comming from the Amiga I once talked to some scene guys on the PC why the hell not to attach the cracktro to the game .exe-file. Well, they also came up with thing like:

1. This is maybe not compatible with every PC
2. "End-Users" (like someone said in this thread) don't like intros
3. We are maybe be propered due to the intro, even if the crack itself works

Well in fact while arguing they told me everything you guys wrote in this thread basically.

My answers were
-> 1.: Well, then do intros which are compatible. Not using DirectX 10.0 AND 9.0 effects will do the trick for I think really all PCs. Hell I mean the game itself runs on "every" PC also, right?

-> 2 and 3.:
This REALLY REALLY scared me and these points are the reason why I revived this thread.

WHAT THE FUCK? Are the releases made for the SCENE or made for the lamers who got rapidshare-accounts leeching the stuff? WHO THE FUCK CARES for all the ppl not affiliated to the scene?

Groups are writing bigmouth NFOs putting lines like "FUCK P2P-Lamers" etc.. but in the end they FEAR that the "end-user" don't like intros or they are being propered?

Sorry, this doesn't match somehow. If the scene makes a decision to put intros on every game exe and this is not a proper-reason. Then its a fucking LAW. The scene could also make nukes for lamers trying to proper a intro-release.

This exactly happaend to GBA and NDS scene. I once was speaking to someone in the NDS scene. He told me that they already had some intros but feared being propered by other groups. WTF? What sorry again? Then nuke those other shitlamers or ignore them. This is not scene.

On the GBA I can remember that most of the "end-users" complained about intros and they have to press the START button to begin the game. I also remebered that Mode7 deliberately put in a timer to nag those lamers. WELL DONE! ;-) This is the correct answer to all this.

If P2P and scene runs seperately this would be even better. You all know that publicity is the problem of all the raids and busts. The "end-user" doesn't like our stuff? Fine! then fuck off because this wasn't made for YOU in the first place anyway.

Thank you for listening, I now feel better now putting this into the public :-D

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aLpHa oNe

Good post! 1887% agree!


So how about that SKIDROW? :D


@cewlout: totally agree with you! A cracktro is a signature for the cracker and fuck those lamers who do not like them. But... the truth is that the scene as we know it has changed. Not all the new groups come from the Amiga era or at least not from mine (I'm not a grand pa yet though). The culture of the intro in front of a game is not that present anymore.

I also agree that the new generation (including the groups) disregard the intros/cracktros. Which is a shame.


Even on Amiga, for some really bizarre reason, groups did not link their intros to the main game executable.

Screw all that, if I cracked the game, I would link the intro to the game just like on the C=64, and anybody who doesn't like it can shove it!

There was a program on the Amiga, ran from the CLI, called "EXELINK", and it did exactly that, linked the two executables together. Does anyone have it?


using intros is a MUST infront of a release... no matter which platform...
its a shame that people dont wanna have them nowadays, and its a shame that the so called "new" scene does not have this in their epic rules... like releases WITHOUT intro are getting nuked.
they do rules for every little thing, EVERYTHING, even nfo's and shit, but not for INTROS !??? > LAME.

and besides, there are a couple p2p teams, using intros , installTro's what-so-ever...
which work on all pc-configs, and if not, you dont even start the intro, simple like that.

ill find it funny and sad at same time. i remember a time, where it all was about the intros,
guess nowadays, its all about the profit/money ... ahhhhhhhwell.

and where is the point, when people download their releases (maybe downloader knows about the release group), but he gives his downloads to friends, and they think he's the King of games, lol... no group gets mentioned anywhere. thats quite lame if you ask me. so the world does not know who is behind the release,
this might be safe and secure for the teams. but hey, NO risk NO fun. but that way they do nowadays, is the "scary girly way". my opinion!.

imagine... if we would have done our releases without intro back then, ill be we wouldnt be known, at all nowadays by so many people!... and, this site would probably not even exist. (no intros, no remakes lol!).

note to the scene >

fukk ya scene freak's, listen to a Legend, USE INTROS ... ME Loves them!

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Link the intro to the crack, since we all have to over write the crack. Run the intro > watch intro while crack is over written then exit. At least people are forced to see the intro one time and doesn't bother them for the rest of the time.

Then comes the problem of a descent cracktro programmer ;-) Who wont get shot down over at Pouet


pouet?... never heard...

about that other thing, yeah i totally agree,and second that
<strong><span style="text-decoration:underline"><div style="text-align:center">Twice the Fun - Double the Trouble</div></span></strong>
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