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As you might have noticed alot of the flashtros are only showing a white screen.
This is because of a problem with one of the servers, so we have changed it.(thanks to Nuke)
the only problem is, I am not 100% sure what was on that server (in terms of knowing what link names to change) i will do as many as i can but if you come across more white screens be sure to post the link here so i can fix it


Hi musashi9 !!!

Just get one here:

I already post a comment about that.

EDIT: add this one too !! :)

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Thanks ;)


sorry i dont see any flashtro playing in my Konqueror frame with flash plugin installed i only see the comments post and no white box where the flashtro should be.. is there compatabilty problem with Konqueror or is there a scripting error from the server that not allowing me to see the new flashtro's


Hi there !

Just spotted this one (the PDX f*cktro :no ):

And this one:



Well for now all this flashtro just give me a white screen.
But some flashtro works so the problem is not on my side. Maybee a site problem, or the server.
I have searched by letters. E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O in the amiga section are completly tested, the result are up there.

It seems only the flashtros with this type of link works, but not all of them as you can see in the list. But for sur not a single flashtro with the link like works for me right now.
I'm not a web coder so maybee it's a clue...

I will test other letter to cpmplete the list later, cause it's very annoying to do !! :-p

Just let me know in case it's normal, so I will not waste your time and mine !! ;-)

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Thanks all of those were down because the server they were on was down
it does that from time to time.

StingRay seems to have disapeared as well.