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hi there,

does anybody know, who from trsi (or else?) did the music for the older genesis cracktro, that you can get on pouet HERE ?

the tro quotes only trsi as creators and was used with different musics and i'm looking for artist and title of the intro used on "novasphere 13"

anyone got information on that?


my virus programm says the exe is a trojan horse.. hmm....!!!????

isn't it???


lol, ax, mit sicherheit net... (surely not).

get the exe on intro-inferno. the music was used on their crack of shrek, too.

Intro Inferno


hola ...

Chippi is made by estrayk from Paradox ... called "her3.mod" ...
Get the chipdisc on Paradogs webpage with her1.mod up to her10.mod
(All of them quite nice)


scheisslogin : lol, ax, mit sicherheit net... (surely not).

irgendwie hatte ich da paranoia an dem tag lol..

back to topic....


thank you loki for that knowledge. seems stuttgart is not only champion in soccer, but you are in .mod knowledge