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PC scene has pretty much always sucked. I had a PC section and on my bbs back in 1991 and cant even remember the name of the group I had a HQ for. Boring scene.

I got out of the Amiga scene in 1992. Was in it strong from 1988 to 1992. Eventually traded my A3000 for a PC.

Plus in 1992 I was going to college and didnt have time to run the BBS anymore. I dumped the BBS and gave it to a friend in North Jersey. Also the calls from "50" didnt help either. I know me and Waremonger (Quartex WHQ) both in NJ got a bunch of calls from the authorities in 1991 for all the CC's.

Good Times
<strong>Old BBS Black Plague US HQ Angels/Genesis/Defjam</strong>


Yeah, we burried The Band end of 1989, our other Belgian competition Bamiga Sector One quit the scene not long thereafter, in early 1990. That was the end of the Belgian scene as people had known it.

Things became too "hot" around us: shakedowns in Germany, France, and so on. Belgium was next on the list, we knew about it, so we decided to call it quits (plus, we were running out of resources, people, time and effort). We were nevertheless quite active in '88 and '89 and we had a hell of a ride...

Good times indeed.


Mr. Spiv:
It was no use trying to protect your l337 vector routine like virginity anymore as papers & sources could be downloaded off somewhere..
In this day and age of free and open source software, why would I want my latest and greatest [insert name of the routine here] preserved?
My source code would speak almost more about my work than the work itself. I think I would even be happy if someone

a) learned something from it
b) improved it.

I read the takes on here and gentlemen, from what I read, the outlook is pretty bleak: lamers everywhere, internet, bla bla bla...

...but gentlemen, we now have at our disposal the most modern, high-tech, high-speed telecommunications network with vast knowledge resources for pennies on the pound/franc/euro/dollar... back then, even with Blueboxing / calling cards / whatever it was not this cheap, because if one got caught, the price to pay was terrible.

What we have now was science fiction back then.

The MIT and Bell Labs culture of freeware and open source can help tremendously if one makes the transition from "not 4 spreading" to sharing of knowledge.

We used to compete with each other, but while we were busy doing that, a bunch of long bearded hippies and greybeard sages built the infrastructure of the future, something we did not even think of, instead of piggybacking off of consumer grade equipment.

They did it by collaborating, not by competing with each other.

The world has changed: people now collaborate to advance.

You say: "it sucks", I say: with the resources we have at our disposal, both technological and financial - the sky is the limit.

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For demos and stuff i think the problem is that if you have no limitation as it is with current pc hardware it is kind of hard to do something that impresses the audience. It is always more fun if the resources are limited. On PC i did some stuff for DOS but its not really fun to program demos for DOS or Windows because you dont have a dedicated hardware you can address. Programming VGA cards was totally boring compared to programming with Amiga hardware. I always loved the copper and blitter :D

I think there are quite some good demos on PC though. For example i always liked the stuff from Farbrausch.

Sorry, for digging out old Forum posts :D

Zeronine / Quadlite
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