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PC scene has pretty much always sucked. I had a PC section and on my bbs back in 1991 and cant even remember the name of the group I had a HQ for. Boring scene.

I got out of the Amiga scene in 1992. Was in it strong from 1988 to 1992. Eventually traded my A3000 for a PC.

Plus in 1992 I was going to college and didnt have time to run the BBS anymore. I dumped the BBS and gave it to a friend in North Jersey. Also the calls from "50" didnt help either. I know me and Waremonger (Quartex WHQ) both in NJ got a bunch of calls from the authorities in 1991 for all the CC's.

Good Times
<strong>Old BBS Black Plague US HQ Angels/Genesis/Defjam</strong>